Woke up & working hard
Awesome studies man :O Great work!
Don't forget to do some from imagination too - and share those so we can come drool all over it :)

Great sketchbook, keep it up!

Update after a really really long time.

A lot of stuff happened. I realized a shitload of things.

I feel really fuckin' blue...I wanna give up...

Anyway, this is not the place to post personal ramblings, so let's move on to art...

Some of the photostudies I did so far...posting only the presentable ones-

Studies of Richard Schmidt-

Some shitty sketches...

The most recent ones-

previously done these-

I hope I can continue posting on a weekly basis. Let's see...

Here are some of the character design portfolio pieces I made last year-

There's lot of flaws in these. Specifically in terms of design. I need to make new ones. I'm ashamed to admit I've not started to work on that....due to procrastination & feeling like shit :(

I saw this really pretty girl in metro the other day. I really liked her. There was something about her.
So I made this.

I think I'm getting kind of artsy. Need to be aware of that, so I don't fall into that trap.


Shock  Honestly, all of your studies/sketches/paintings are really amazing!  Your drawings are so solid...I hope to be able to draw like that one day   Insane, ecstatic Keep up the great work!

Heyy blunt! It's Danny from the skype group that was made on ic at some point, is it still up? Have you studied any hampton stuff? I can't see any of his stuff in your sketches or form studies. I think it will make all the difference. Good luck.
MY MY MY MY!! What doooooo we have HERE?? I like this sketchbook alot and your characters...no nonono your VISION for your designs is really something to be admired! That year off did you good, man.

Have you had any luck getting work with your character portfolio pieces? I'm pursuing the same thing, wondering if your reaping the benefits yet hahaha

Don't stop!! Come back :(((

@Pukrolli: Thank you for such kind words. :) You're doing fine yourself though.

@Danny Martinez: Hey, what's up? How how are you doing? Yeah, the group is still up, although I think nowboady uses it anymore. Was a failure, LOL. I did study Hampton a bit quite early, but not that much. I guess I'll be going back.

@Jaktrayter: Hello! Thank you for such compliments. I did do work form a few freelancing gigs, but that's it. Nothing more. I'm actually not prepared to do a lot of stuff. I need to improve more. Which is what I'm gonna focus now on. I'll be posting weekly from now on!!

Anyway, here's some more stuff. I really NEEEEDDD to post weekly to keep the pressure on.
Done for portfolio-

Sketches done for a freelance gig-

Trying out a more painterly style in studies-

Will post more recent stuff soon.


Some stuff-
Just a sketch....experimenting with this style


Loving what I see here! Very inspirational. Even the boot. :P Don't have too much useful to say right now other than... keep up the good work! I'll be following your SB from now on.

"Drawing is a skill like hammering a nail. You might not be great at it yet, but there is nothing stopping you from gettin' down and hammering away." -Irshad Karim

@Mechanizoid: Thank you...means a lot to me :)
Returning after long break....consistency seems to be an issue with me...


Application of what I learned in the studies-

A sketch to apply everything-

Cool work, you have some interesting unique looking characters in here.

Update after a long while...
I've quit my job to focus on improving & perhaps start doing freelance again. I haven't started freelancing yet, but hopefully will get to it pretty soon.
It's feels so hard trying to get back to where I was...
Most the following are from imagination (applying what I learnt)...some from photorefs & anatomy books, but mostly from imagination since I'm trying to learn to do that.

Thanks for viewing. :)


Great to see you back again. Those figures are looking great!

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