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This week: Character of the Week!

It had been at least 5 years since the virus hit, although it was impossible to be sure. When the dead began to walk the earth, several militia groups tried to provide safe havens, but they were all dead now; they always died. The only thing he knew for certain was that he would survive at all costs. He always did.

Your task: Design a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

  • Environment backgrounds are optional.
  • Keep in mind you are not required to stick to what is in the passage. It is more of a guide in terms of mood.
  • There is no restriction on the character's gender, time period or culture.
  • Photo textures, 3D, and traditional mediums are allowed.
  • Studies are recommended, but not required.
  • There is no restriction on image formats (horizontal, vertical, square).
  • You must post at least one WIP in the WIP thread to be accepted into the final poll.
  • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline.
  • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible (minimum from the knees up). No back views are allowed without a front.
  • Only ONE character please.
  • Only ONE submission per person in the finals thread.
  • Sketches, WIPs, or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll.
  • No fanart. We want to see your original, unique interpretations!
  • Have fun!

Deadline is Sunday, May 10 @10pm GMT


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