Tome of the Scribe
Hello :)

Any crits are nice! I want to do concept art in various styles. I need to learn things, more things. All of the things.


I like Risk of Rain and I totally want to do my own spin on some of the classes.
Loader is by far my favorite.

painted stuffs


Figuring out backgrounds. Animal Crossing: New Leaf fan work.

isometric jello block of water
Mostly used to learn how to properly gather references and use them even if it's not spot on to your idea.
Art seems to be the one place where 2+2 CAN equal fish.

Turning pixels into ships, one of which I want to use for a bigger illustration.

Pixel Generator:
Faerie, Human, Elf and Orc bottles/potions; Empty, Health, Magik, Stamina

Any feedback helps, thank you.

Cool studies you got going on here, great variety! I like it :)

Hello! Im not dead, just been busy!
Cat doodles, mimicing Pokemon Guide Book art for a friends' fiance, and a WIP


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