Character in Ink Wash, for Critique.
Here's something from earlier this month, an attempt to do a character in ink wash. I got a lot of good criticism on this from my friends, but I'm posting it up here as well to see if anyone can give me any more advice. I posted this character in my sketchbook as well, but I'm posting it here to see if I can get a list of critiques regarding the drawing of characters, and ink technique that I can take to my net projects. 

The main criticisms I got from my friends were regarding lighting, gesture, proportion of the character, and to add areas of focal detail to make the drawing more interesting. 

The basis behind this character was an old Lord, inspired by the aesthetic of Scottish nobles in the High Medieval and Gothic era. I used reference to plan out the armour, everything else is rawly imagined. 

Cheers to all who can take a look and give a word of advice! Your critiques help me so much!

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This is a bit late, and I'm new, so please take this with a grain of salt:

Overall, this looks really neat! He definitely looks lordly, and it carries that same "c'mon, man, I got things to do" feeling that old portraits tend to have.

From the line drawing, it looks like he has no hair, but the ink wash shows what could either be hair or just a really shiny spot on his scalp. I suggest revisiting that in order to make clear what all is there (or not there). The eyes could also use some work since they are just black dots right now. The greave on our right has a blue/white line that seems very out of place, too. And I wish you had developed the sword a bit more (and the background, but I get that the focus is on the guy).

Overall, the lighting seems fantastic and the character is believable. Keep up the awesomeness! :D

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