Please help my friend in any way you can
[Image: 11756620_911165748950222_508271358_n.jpg...e=55ABE304]
Is this your friends drawing? I'd say start doing figure drawing from life if you/they can. If not theres,, onairradio's youtube and New Masters Academy's youtube channel. Watch all the Proko videos on youtube and do the exercises. Just do a crap ton of drawings from reference and from imagination.

He wants to be a comic book artist.
Thnx for any help provided.
Like the idea!

I second Adam, Proko videos and practice <3 and use the knowledge earned to make awesome characters!

The focus should be the ability to represent volumes in space as simply as possible.

I did some drawovers, hopefully it helps! All the best to your friend!

I'm sure this one will help the most, I am trying to get a hold of him to show him your responses, thank you guys, if you have anymore help I'm sure he could use it and would be glad to know.

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