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hey guys. i made this composition a few days ago and i am stuck. i was thinking maybe you guys could help with a few techinical advices. i would greately appreciate any idea on how to make this thing work better. i tried to use the rule of thirds but i don't even know if i did that corectly. anyway, here's the stuff.

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The figure is pressed too close to the left edge, so I moved it a bit towards the center. I also darkened the figure as a whole because when back lit like that, you basically see a silhouette. I added more rim light to the hair, painted over the background with a light purple blue. Added some more shapes to the factory, and gave them light side and dark side. Then I gave it a cheesy lens flare :D

You can use some middle ground objects between the person and the factory.  Even some shrubs or collection of boulders would do.

Yeah I agree with meat, all except the amping up of that backlight. You presumably want your character to be the focal point, so you have to adjust your lighting scheme to allow you to do this.

Here's a paintover. Feel free to ask questions. Most things should be self explanatory.

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this is awesome. this critique thing is actually cool. thank you guys so much for taking the time to do those paintovers. gave me a ton of ideas. and made me see flaws in the picture that i didn't noticed before. as soon as i finish this color srudy that i am doing right now i'm getting back on working on this one. thanks again

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