30 Day RPG Challenge!
Hey all!

It's not Inktober yet and I am getting antsy. So since I'm back to (boring!) school in September, I decided to try out the 30 Day RPG challenge starting September 1st. I'd love some brave souls to join me! 

For those that don't know, the challenge was first conceived by Rudy Siswanto. It's a great way to develop a world and quick design skills since you only have a day to finish your concept. Here's the challenge list:

1. main character ----------------- [20EXP]
2. villain ----------------------------- [20EXP]
3. companion/sidekick ----------- [20EXP]
4. transportation ------------------- [30EXP]
5. weak enemy --------------------- [10EXP]
6. interior design bar/tavern ----- [60EXP]
7. dungeon gate ------------------- [20EXP]


8. dungeon boss ------------------- [60EXP]
9. relic - dungeon reward -------- [10EXP]
10. city gate ------------------------ [30EXP]
11. NPC citizen -------------------- [10EXP]
12. NPC merchant ---------------- [20EXP]
13. Secret shop ------------------- [50EXP]
14. new companion -------------- [20EXP]


15. new armor! -------------------- [20EXP]
16. new weapons! ---------------- [10EXP]
17. new skill! ----------------------- [10EXP]
18. local ruler ---------------------- [30EXP]
19. home --------------------------- [60EXP]
20. (move to) new area --------- [20EXP]
21. secret area ------------------- [60EXP]


22. mythical creatures ---------- [50EXP]
23. stronger normal enemy ---- [20EXP]
24. bandit lair --------------------- [60EXP]
25. stronger boss ---------------- [60EXP]
26. ultimate skill/spell cast ----- [30EXP]


27. ultimate weapon ------------ [50EXP]
28. ultimate armor -------------- [50EXP]
29. god/devil/OP mode --------- [60EXP]
30. last boss ---------------------- [60EXP]

[EXP] is cumulative for each challenge completed.

LVL. 1 -- [0EXP]
LVL. 2 -- [60EXP]
LVL. 3 -- [120EXP]
LVL. 4 -- [240EXP]
LVL. 5 -- [420EXP]
LVL. 6 -- [600EXP]
LVL. 7 -- [800EXP]
LVL. 8 -- [1000EXP]

OPTIONAL: I've added some stats for fun! Completing a challenge will fill up your EXP gauge. The EXP weight is based around how hard the challenge should be; naturally you may need to change this around for yourself depending on personal strengths (so for reference, I am a character designer so character prompts are weighted lighter). Props are also weighted lighter, interiors and large creature design are weighted heavier, etc. I don't know how I will keep track of these yet, maybe I'll make a cute little spreadsheet to color in.

Quick guide for gauging EXP weight is based on personal estimates for the amount of time it will take you to complete it:

10EXP -- Super easy, under 1h
20EXP -- A bit harder, over 1h
30EXP -- Medium, under 2h
40EXP -- Medium-hard, over 2h

As this is a daily challenge, time limits are encouraged. Part of the challenge is learning the concept of timeboxing. Going over the time limit for a simpler challenge does not give you bonus [EXP], but you can always take the concepts created and polish them further if you are inspired to do so.  If you are unable to commit to every day of the challenge, feel free to pick and choose assignments or stretch them over two months instead of one.

Did more than one in a day? You monster. Get extra [EXP] for every design (so if you design three NPC citizens, for example, get [10] x 3 = [30EXP]).

I'll be trying my best to have it done before Inktober kicks off. I've always wanted to do it but I've never had others to tag along, so this is my Gandalf call. Let's put all these studies to fun use!

I'll give it a go :D A little more interesting than some study lists, 1. Old people 2. Still Life etc.


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Yeah yeah yeah! College is gonna kick my butt in fundamentals, so I juggled the schedule to give me two hours during lunch to do personal work. Limiting 'em to under two hours is probably a good idea anyway, it keeps you focused on design and a quick, clean presentation.

I really like how Mihai Radu approached it: http://enixtm.blogspot.ca/2014/08/30-day...eek-4.html

Yees, looking forward to it! I saw some in Fb but I didnt started the challenge. It will be great doing it with other people! :D

Really looking forward to seeing what people do with this, but I'm not a designer, so I'm not gonna join myself...

Come on come all! Hopefully, I'll be able to run this a few more times in the upcoming year :D

So since this is an RPG challenge, I have added an (optional!) RPG element to it. Now every challenge comes with an [EXP] cost for defeating it. I thought it was a neat idea, and I'll take any motivation I can get, haha. I tried my best to keep it balanced and see that things increase in difficulty closer to the end, adding some break/recharge days in as well. Let me know what you think!

Interesting idea, I like it!

This is such a cool challenge! I'd really like to give it a go, but I've already planned my month differently........now I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, haha.
Anyway, I'm curious to see what people come up with! I might give it a go sooner or later...


This looks fun, I'm a bit rusty (even with the little skill I have) but I certainly want to give it a try, might get me back in the groove of digital arts.
Well there we go! First attempt to digital...So much fun and I learnt so much  :) It turned out finally better than I expected. I was trying to do a post-apocalyptic hero avoiding fantasy RPG... Well I've never go very deep in anatomy so there are several issues like hands and arms etc. Okay gonna confess I did the gas mask because I suck drawing faces xDD. [Image: Heroe%20Sketch%201_zpswwn7dvax.jpg][Image: Heroe%20Final%20vari_zpstybl7n7g.jpg]

Heeeeey Lordminkx that looks awesome! Good job getting him down quickly and I'm happy to see people tackling settings other than straight fantasy. Some things to think about when designing a character: what makes him "him"? Try to consider attitude, dig a bit deeper; he needs a character "hook"! http://www.thenarrativebreakdown.com/archives/250

Thanks for the posts everyone! I started a bit late (and this might stretch a bit longer), but still chipping away at my Russian fairytale setting one concept at a time. Here's the protagonist and her magical firebird lantern weapon/companion.

[Image: uuDmRDe.png]


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