First Painting of 2016, would like some feedback
Hello Daggers. Today I have completed my first painting of 2016 and would like some feedback on it. It's a continuation of sorts of a painting I did around this time last year, in regards to subject matter. It's oil on canvas, I'm still pretty new to oils as a medium. Also apologies for the poor photo quality, I may yet update this post with a better one. 

[Image: TC2I3i5h.jpg]

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

Because of the photo quality, I'm not sure if the value range is really very light, or just bleached by relfection. Also, it's kind of hard to crit abstract art, not knowing what's going on or what some of those things are. The throne's contact points to the floor should have the darkest part of a shadow, the ambient occlusion shadow. Then the shadow will go from darker to lighter as it stretches away from the object. The fox and the box head outside the window are just touching, and the same with the skeleton's horn and the edge. Those are tangents, and they don't build good compositions. Overlap more or push them apart more. The skeleton confined to the bottom right corner feels kind of separate and left out from the rest of the image.

Thank you very much for the advice, Meat. I can see what you mean about the tangents. I'll certainly keep in mind what you have suggested for future compositions. Thank you once again.


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