Gio's Sketchbook
So i'm new and I don't really know how this works but here are a few of the pictures from my digital sketchbook that I'm really proud of. With all of them except the lade with the big nose I sketch them out in my sketch pad and take pictures to redo them on my computer. Would love advice or criticism if anyone has some. I hope I've given enough pictures. For reference, I'm fairly new to digital art. I mostly work in traditional but I've been trying to do more digital for like 4 years now. I like it but I have a really hard time with line quality and coloring. Especially coloring and I'm not sure what to do. The one with the running punch is the ice I'm most proud of but it's been hard trying to do as well as that on other pictures. A lot of these just never felt finished but I didn't know where to go with them.


If you're very new to using digital medium to produce images, I would suggest doing research on the tools you have available. For instance in your cartoons, the lines are very harsh and pixelated. You can use photoshop's pen tool, or brushes in flash to produce clean dynamic line, or vectorise, or use filters on hand-drawn, scanned line-work.

It's worth it to just play around and experiment.


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