Justin's Sketchbook
Hey guys. I'm creating sketchbooks everywhere and since all the live streams here helped me so much I figured I'd make one here too.  Feel free to crit anything I post.

Some anatomy studies

portrait study

kazuo oga study.  Backgrounds are a weakness I'm trying to work on now.

Okay so here are some daily studies.

And here are some warm up sketches.

Hey man, nice studies. If you're struggling with applying your studies to imagination works, slow down on photo studies and do more sketches form imagination. Especially right after a study.
Only studying from photos may encourage you to just "copy" the photo, instead of building it. So I'd suggest always sketching from imagination what you studies after it, to apply it to your visual library.

I really like your last painting, light and colors look very good to me.

Thanks for the reply man. I always try to do at least one sketch from imagination a day.  Just have to keep on that grind.

Did some movie still studies and mma guys today.

That's some handsome value studies, would be cool to see the armor study applied to one of the warma ups you did.

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