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Preferably something close to full body, but if you make the design clear and match other reqirements it won't hurt to cut a limb or two.

If you look at Moon and Crow, usually Moon it the focal point who shines and reveals part of the crow silhuette. It works really well. You can try to play with something like that.

Re. CC07 A Tale of Two Contrasts

If we use characters I can see this being close to the companions challenge of CC06. Would this be a bit of a trap? ie. if the relationship is more prevalent than the contrast between them? Or is it irrelevant, as long as the visual narrative mood and affect on the audience is strong?

Also Cheat Sheet for formatting


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The relationship is not that important this time. They can be companions as well as enemies or just bystanders as long as you can show the contrast and strong storytelling.

Thanks for that link, We should bookmark it for future posts. I somewhat disagree with Piotr. I think in order to have narrative with characters it does need to be clear what the relationship between them might be.
However there doesn't need to be two characters. This time the emphasis isn't on a single specific relationship, but whatever aids the narrative of the scene you are going for. Make the story sing!

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These contests are really great ideas. Are there any upcoming ones in the works?

Thanks Antmora! Unfortunately they are on hold until further notice. We will post notifications if/when they start up again!

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