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So I've come back from housesitting in the middle of nowhere - and although there's only a couple of days before the deadline, I thought I'd challenge myself and try to submit something decent before then o_o

The one I've chosen is "Average Dragons"

While housesitting - mah bestfriend in crime, Hannah B came up with the initial idea for the comic. I took it from there and changed it up (as seen in the brainstorming pages), but I can't thank her enough for the inspa :D

Gonna try to not over-complicate things like I did last Crucible I entered ahahaha. Tryna apply crits and all that good stuff.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh CRUNCH TIME!

brainstorming (don't mind the random sketches):

wip comic:

still quite rough stages, may change things as I'm cleaning lines, etc

You were MADE for this challenge! You are not the average dragon, get it done. FLAME ON!

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line pass 1 

all I could get to before prior appointments ... dangit, you're certainly right about the "FLAME ON!" call, Amit lmfao, thanks for the support man ahahahaha... ahueaueHAuhe <madness continues>

p.s. drawing faces upside down is hard as balls

You're destinied for comics!

Thats some cool looking paneling! It might be better to have them running from left to right so the eye flows through the sequence more naturally. Or not I could be wrong.

This looks great! I love how dynamic and exciting the whole thing feels. I can't really offer suggestions because I'm *terrible* with comics - but keep it up!

   -   Sketchbook   - 
BadWoolf - Thanks BadWoolf <3 means a lot to hear n_n

Adam Lina - Nah, it's true, it probs would flow more naturally from left to right - but at the same time it's not incorrect \o/ thanks man!

Piotr Jasielski - Hnnnnnnnnnnngggg--! Comics are hard work!! Thanks Piotr! Hahaha

I didn't fully hit the nail on the head in the end lmao n_n I finished with 13mins to spare (read: of the orig deadline) and at the time it felt like everything was ok, but really - there's a lot that could be worked on and fixed up - but that's life!

I really didn't want to over-complicate things... but at the cost of communicating the message? 
Haha fail! I'm no writer... yet ;) nah, joking... or am I? lol no

Happy I joined in though, it was super fun <3 even funner joining with 3 days left :D ahahahaahahaa... ;_;

Edit: screw it, posted the final edited (+edited) version post-original deadline as my final. couldn't live with myself if I posted a comic with an unclear message:

now to move on to other art-making ventures :D

Wow! Looks so great, in only three days! Shows that sometimes shooting straight from the hip, or whatever they say, can make something really inspired! I love the chase, the drama and dynamic shots and panels - makes me really feel how frenetic it is buuuut... oh... I was gonna say I didn't get it, but I just got it ^_^ that's pretty funny. I think you could shove the prison thing in people's faces more or other moron's like me won't get it the first time either. The prison overalls and the D.O.C are cropped too much to give the clue they're supposed to, I think it needs some other clues in that last panel. Awesome stuff tho, your style really fits with comics ^^

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Oh thank god you actually did get it though, Jonny! O_______O I think I would've pimp slapped myself if you straight up didn't lol

Thank you for the kind words and feedback, man <3 I absolutely agree and it was one of the things I would've fixed it I had more time n_n o/ I'll most likely make a revised version before posting online ^ ^


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