Jmob: Average Dragons: CC 4
Here's a WIP... I'll post the final soon along with more WIPS. 

Took it back a few steps... T.T Not going to be able to finish this comic before the deadline! Super bummed. Did an all nighter and everything. It just boils down to not planning the whole page comp. bummer.

Welcome to the challenge! I love those 3 initial panel division on illustration :)

That illustration is really beautiful! It would carry the page even if the rest were really simply rendered or just in line / simple cell shading, wouldn't need to finish them off to the level of the first one (like in old books how they'd have that super decorated huge first letter of the page then normal text follows, your page could work like that). Hope you keep working on it since we got extra time ^^

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so I woke up SUPER late cause i did an all nighter to hit the first deadline.. but then i got behind because i slept in and couldn't meet the second deadline either. haha. wow. -.-

sooo. here's my final that I posted up. Lot's of problems but I tried to solve em all. :)

you can still work on it a bit, we will keep the finals thread open this time :)

Finished...although i feel like the type/writing could be cleaner and read better. <3

Slapped on some adjustments to make it pop. I think I'm going to re-letter it tonight and tweak some more things compositionally. 

added some text to somewhat tie in the rhythms? I think it helps.. perhaps it's too subtle or too obvious.. Idk anymore.. haha

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