Chronicles of insomnia. sketchbook
Value mapping over photo to train the eye than you do some master study of artist.There also the color picker analyse you simply guess a color first than you pick the color picker and check what is the actual color.There also the exercise of understanding value and relation to plane.For example how much a value change across a ball or how value change on a cube this doesn't have to be learn in complexy way but you can than apply the concept you learn to make more complex study

But more importantly to learn about value you need to forget all you think you know about light and you relearn how it really work not how you think it work.

Secret Keyword:Materiel=reflectivity=how much light will bounce onto other surface and how much there color(value) will blend to the surface near those color

So basicly you just learn or not that light is not something that stop once it hit a surface but it bounce around and affect it sorrounding area.

Now we go to a quick question example what does absorb the most light
is it
A.A thic black wool fabric
B.A bright white painted metallic fabric

A is the right answer as we know now surface absord or reflect light but the next question is what make something reflective or absorb light

There factor that make something reflect light there two major cause the surface is either smooth molecular surface or there a liquid on top of it

Materiel that attend to absord light have darker value and if you would look at there molecular structure it would be like looking at a magnified sieve as light travel throught that surface it will try to bounce back but since it like a sieve it will filter also the light that goes out as it hit some of the sieve surface.Let make one more example so that it sink in.

What is more reflective
A.A pair of glass
B.A pair of sock

i think you figure out it a pair of glass.

So now let look at what we can learn from this for example why are some part of the body part seem to be reflective.As i said before this as to do with water but in this case it body oil.

Idk exactly if i am helping so i will stop atm.

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
Wow, so many words =)
That's rather about rendering, but thank you anyway, darktiste !



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