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I actually haven't participated in one of these, or any other challenge for that matter, so I thought I'd give it a go. Too bad it's not an official thing this time but I guess that lets me paint whatever I want so that's okay. 
The idea I'm going with is fairly straightforward. Basically an illustration featuring a sexy bat-demon girl. 

Gonna start off by posting a bunch of sketchy sketches to just mess around with different ideas. Then eventually pick one, apply some studies and then try and get a nice illustration out of it. Hope I see others doing this even if there's no cool judging or anything. 

So this is my first sketchy sketch 

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Looks like a really good start. I like the leg foreshortening. Keep this up!

[Image: 4fe947d03aa1d.jpeg]
Wonder how this will turn out. :D

Thanks Pitor! 
Brian, hopefully this other design idea won't disappoint you ;) 

So I decided to go with a somewhat different idea. I'll probably do something with the other image as well but I'll probably keep this one as a priority. Sketched out the pose I wanted and just doodled a general idea of what the illustration will be like. Will probably make her a bit bigger in it. 

Now I've decided to set up some homework for myself. The homework is to basically study the fuck out of heads and faces. I feel as if that's the weakest point in all my work and even in the stuff I do at school so it's really important that I attack my biggest weakness head on. So my first homework is to go back and dig my teeth into Loomis' book on the subject, then look into Hogarth a bit (even though I don't really like his books), I'm fairly familiar with Bridgman so I'll skip him for now and I'll finish with chewing on John H. Vanderpoel's book. Then it's just down to doing a shit ton of constructive drawings of heads to really burn that information into my brain. 

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Nice one Tristan. I'm glad you are going past your first idea (not because it was bad) and explore more, and using this as a way to focus your study. Keep it up!

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But yeah, from looking at your sketchbooks it's clear that you're capable of much more than blue-purple pin-up girls. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this!

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Amit - Thanks man. Still messing around with it tho.. 

Lodratio - Thanks ^^ Although I like blue-purple pin-up girls. I thought I'd do something a little more ambitious ;) 

So here's a comp sketch. Changed the pose, will probably change it again.. Just wanted to get some cool shapes in there. 

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I agree with Piotr - great foreshortening on that first sketch Tristan. Looking forward to seeing your progress :).

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CD Sketchbook

Artloader - Thanks, man! 

Sketched this design idea for the giant floating head thing. Will probably paint over this and add a bunch of stuff later to make it a bit more monster-ish. I was thinking of putting some kind of carpet on his head for the girl to be on but I think it would look more like a kippah if I did. 

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Did another sketch. More monstrous this time 

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Looking good so far man! Maybe youd wanna consider adding some more sagging, hanging skin in the big head if youd like some more creepiness to contrast the sexy girl. Try looking at some references of old people and such.


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