CC September (Bounty Hunter)
Can always count on myself to start something at the last minute, anyway  I've been noodling this guy for a few hours. Haven't really done illustration before but it's something I want to give a shot. Was kinda going for a splash arty look. Just some tighter lines done on top of a rough. I guess next step is blocking out different areas and rendering :S

I'm imagining him as a bounty hunter/ drug peddler on the side, and he's trying to hightail it after a deal went wrong. I'm pretty bad at coming up with stories to go with my drawings so bear with me :P Any tips would be mucho appreciated. Cheers!

[Image: 29187380133_85350b51e4_b.jpg]

Really liking your design here and nice clean lines. I look forward to seeing it progress :)

Looking good Lama - hope you get it in on time dude!

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Love it so far. Get it done! Narrative is mostly about context so, if you can put in the right contextual things that match up together a story starts to weave itself. That's about the most broad way I can write something without saying anything clear at all. Good luck! :)

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@bmswift Thanks man :)
@Artloader Thanks dude, it'll be a squeeze but i'll keep my head down and try my best
@Amit Cheers man! I never thought about story that way but it makes a lot of sense. And also seems a bit less overwhelming. I'll keep it in mind :) One question I had was when is the actual due date. Is it 22nd US time? I'm in New Zealand so my 22nd is coming up pretty soon haha

Did some AO on this guy, flat colours and edge cleanup next. Then I can work on the lighting

[Image: 29745412931_63a539b43c_b.jpg]

My final, woop woop, glad I managed to get it done-ish :D
[Image: 29207262023_323a529086_h.jpg]


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