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Just wanted to get my thread started so here it is, will be posting more stuff today while I work on finding a cool duo. I reread the brief and there has to be an humanoid so going to be headed toward that. 

This concept is about a forest scarecrow designed around a tree and his bird companion.

Interesting start! One thing to consider. If the tree is a scarecrow of sorts....what does he scare away? If he scares away come he has a bird companion? Think out this relationship.
At the moment the design of the guy doesn't suggest a tree very much, so consider this. If you are clear on your vision, then it will fit together much better.

Carry on! :)

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Good imagination dude - I like the bird with eight eyes (?)

Good crit from Amit for me as well - be clear on the vision.

Keep it going and good luck :).

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@Amit Dutta  Thank for the tip, it's going to scare humans from a sacred forest. Still not too sure about the                                     relationship with the other creature or humanoid yet.

@Artloader Thank you! Not too sure if I'll keep it though.

Here with prototype 2, just a random ent, might try to add design elements.

Here's prototype 3, thought about something more immobile this time.

I like the internal fire on design 3 - reminds me of the flame inside a Halloween pumpkin :).

Keep it going dude!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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The world needs more Evil Trees.

Try looking at Tim Burton's hanging tree from Nightmare before Christmas, and the rock faces from Jim Henson's The Labyrinth, and even The Wizard Of Oz for a sense of how different face-in-tree/rock designs can be with minimal technical variation. Push for an interesting design to make yours just as diverse.


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Keep lettin' out those spooky trees, Slapper! Things are getting interesting.

I think between Amit and RP I think you've got enough to work with for now. Looking forward to more Treesss (and the creature design too.)

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@Artloader thank you, not too sure if I'll keep the fire inside concept since I think darkness is more creepy.

@Rottenpocket thank for the tips, I've looked into the suggested references and somewhat inspired me with the hanging tree.

@Einver thannks, I indeed have a lot to work with. One more tree for this post and more creature design to come!

Here is a design I did for the evil tree, scarecrow, stuff. 

Here's an update, going to be going for a witch to accompany my tree. Their relationship is that the witch animated the tree to help her in her hunt for humans. Did a couple thumbnails ( going to be doing more today) and also some concepts for my characters.

Update! A study on mushrooms to put on the tree, a witch design and more comp thumbnails



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