CC 7: Big & Small
Worked on a few thumbs in pencil before bringing them onto Photoshop to push forward, decided on #2 for the narrative, pushed it a bit further to make sure it was going to work. Then started doodling out some figure designs for the beings within the piece.

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With a painting like this I have to plan ever step or I will make mistakes and be unhappy later. So for the tiny figures I did a short concept, centering around the idea of small female slaves, maybe elves of some sort. I settled on a cool blue for the characters, leaning towards a powder blue for their skin.

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Good work so far! As for the story, I guess people and the giant are trying to escape from a prison?

They are indeed!

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Why are the women running towards the giants? Are they allied with the giants?
I also think that the giant's pose right now is rather..benign? A little more dynamic might look better.
Say he's trying to pull the hinges off the door and turning towards us while doing it, it'll give it some more power if you also put some careful motion blur on there.

I'm also interested in the cages. (They also kinda throw the scale off for me. The furthest cage might be a little smaller?)
Are the cages used to hold the women? What's the giant doing there? Is this some sort of underground trafficking warehouse?

Great stuff though! Loving the expression on the nearest character.
[Image: yLwDLc0.png]

Hey, welcome to the challenge!

Your idea looks interesting. I'm assuming the giant is helping women to escape. Maybe you could show one woman escaping form the cage to better emphasize the storytelling?

Good luck!

I tried to work in your suggestion into the background because you're entirely right. I think I missed it because I -knew- the story already so it didn't have to be explained to me.


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