Eric's Clever Sketchbook Title
Hey everybody, welcome to my Sketchbook.

I guess I'm not 100% sure of what I want to put here, so it'll probably be all sorts of studies and whatnot. I'm encouraging critiques on this book, I want to learn, so lay 'em on my when you feel the need!

Anywho, here are some recent studies.
First is a still life of some military memorabilia that I had lying around. Don't worry, they're both dummies! Took about 1.5 hours.

Next is a series of noses. I'm doing the Jason Seiler portrait course on it's been fun to go through that course. I'm only doing the subscription. I can't afford the full course with instructor paint overs, etc...
Hey buddy. It seems like you definitly got some mileage allready judging by line quality and such. For your first study that you posted, I recommend that you read up on specular reflections and similar to learn more about painting material.

Keep it up, and lets see some personal work! :)

Thanks, Zorrentos, I appreciate the feedback. Anything and everything helps. Line work comes a bit easier to me than painting right now. Still new to the whole painting thing overall, but line art is something I've been using for years and years. I wanted to take my art in a new direction, so here we are!
This is what's been on my desktop for the past few days. It's the first environment piece I've done, and it's proving to be quite the challenge. I feel like it's missing something, but I'm not sure what... some sort of x-factor is eluding me. It will be colored after this stage is finalized.

[Image: EncounterRoom_3.jpg]
Updated with color.

Quote: I feel like it's missing something, but I'm not sure what... some sort of x-factor is eluding me.

Feel free to disregard this, as you might be figuring out this by yourself.

If I can help you out on the x-factor you're trying to look for.. maybe it's a good idea to re-evaluate the lighting setup for this piece. It feels as if there are too many light sources or the light source isn't as consistent. I made a quick paint-over. Arrows indicate the direction where light is headed. Each color is represents a different light source.

Oh btw, the forages are pretty! I like the colors!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
Thanks for the paint-over John, it was really helpful. I still need to work on lighting overall, so that was great feedback

Below are a few things I've been tinkering on recently.
 First is a sci-fi knight concept.

Next is an orc portrait I'm working through. It's gone through a few changes, but I accidently merged the adjustments onto the old layer, so I don't have a way to show progress.

And a few figure studies...


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