Luven's sketchbook
Hello and welcome on my sketchbook !

I think of this sketchbook as a place to keep trace of my progression and thoughts. I'll certainly post here my exercises and finished painting as well as my process, but also some words about how I'm doing and where I'm headed next.

New things i'll be doing in January 2D-wise mostly involve environments, since it is something i've never really practice and I'm actually really shitty at. Goal is to have some decent sci-fi environments that I could use as concepts for my 3D sci-fi unreal environment. Sadly I'm not very optimistic about the outcomes of this (since I'm not used to environment), but as it is a really inportant part of the process toward the 3D stuff, I plan to give this all the time and work it needs.
I'll use theses concepts as references for my Unreal scene, but also to identify everything I need to do in 3D, and their order of importance, etc. So it's a crucial step.

For now I'll leave you with stuff I've done. Obviously I'm here to improve so, you know, it's not much. And as it is my first post, i thought I'll do some sort of a flashback and show my older stuff.

Newest to older :

[Image: 1483356462-virus.jpg]
A speedpaint (~2h) done in class. December 2016

[Image: 1483356464-untitled-1.jpg]
[Image: 1483359344-dza.jpg]
Some guy I did but not finished. I found a photo of some famous guy in a chair laughing and I thought I'll do something like it. December 2016

[Image: 1483356455-rhed-final.jpg]

Character I did. A friend named her Rhed. November 2016

[Image: 1483356463-the-cook-final.jpg]

I'm doing a 3D model of this one. I've done some sketch after this painting to change things because I was not totally happy with it. I learned i should have spend more time on research before going into the painting ! I didn't keep the wooden leg for instance. I call it "The Cook". November 2016

[Image: 1483356461-wip-003.jpg]

Just like the Cook, I should have spent more time before going at it. It sounded good on the few sketches i did but the design turned out horrible.  I didn't even wanted to finish it. But I'll still like the metal rendering so here it is (it feels cartoony IMO but still). Lesson learned (I hope). November 2016.

[Image: 1483356460-skins2.jpg]

Practice. October 2016.

[Image: 1483356454-metal.jpg]

Practice. October 2016.

[Image: 1483356463-wmup20161219.jpg]

Sketches/warm up. Around the same time. I show you only one for the record.

[Image: 1483356462-concept5.jpg]

Robot ! I spend sooooooo much time on it. Like ~20 hours. I'm sure I could do it better and way faster today. I recorded a video for it and made a timelapse also. I survived the all time by listening to podcasts. August 2016

[Image: 1483356454-master-study-2.jpg]

Master study. April 2016

[Image: 1483356461-study4.jpg]
[Image: 1483356458-study-5.jpg]
Two other one. Same time.

Stuff I like to remember because I liked it but now it sucks :

[Image: 1483356458-reptilien-heros.jpg]
January 2016

[Image: 1483356454-mecha.jpg]
January 2016

Stuff that sucked right away, but that I actually like to keep around so I never forget that it sucked and that i've made some progress. Sorry.

[Image: 1483356455-armoire-sf.jpg]
Oh God. #neverforget Early 2016

[Image: 1483356462-vaisseau-final.jpg]
Oh god ! #neverforget Late 2015

My first ever digital painting at the age of 16, I loved it and still like it somehow :

[Image: 1483356452-1.jpg]

Next update in a week maybe-i-guess, with only new stuff from now on !

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