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A MASSIVE thank you to all that have helped me with this portfolio piece. I could go on editing this piece for years, but I think it's time I finally call it complete and move on. I'm very proud on how it turned out, especially considering how it previously looked. Here is the final result

[Image: tumblr_ojz3l0vup21vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to stop by :)

Basically, I completed a character design intended to go into my portfolio. I've never taken on a project this big before; meaning I am hesitant to call this piece 'done'. It's come to the point that I've been working on it so long that I'm not seeing any possible mistakes. I take regular breaks (days sometimes) but it's hard to step back and crit your work after being at it for so long.

I would love any advice, suggestions, comments about this piece. I would be at anyone's mercy if they could do a paintover on any potential flaws, weak points, mistakes, etc, etc. I know I need to flesh out the cracks in her breast plate and section where the breast meets the armpit, but aside from those, I am a bit stuck lol

For a point of reference, Marko Djurdjevic is my biggest inspiration for concept art 'style'. I'm trying to stray away from stylized art.

Thank you in advance n_____n


[Image: tumblr_ojjf1g6h3Q1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ojd3r5CKN71vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Heyho. Sorry I'm wrting this in a bit of a hurry.

Well who doesn't love Marko's work. It's a good standard to set.

Now for your character. I really like the colors you picked the yellow/orange/red combo overall is relative harmonic. You could have maybe played a bit with greens to create some contrast but... nevermind. Not really a color expert here. I need read up on this again.

There are two main anatomy issues. The head is to big and the left leg even though I know it's suppose to be behind her right leg in some sort of very feminine walk cycle, it just looks really short.

Now there is always an issue with depicting a character in this very frontal way. It can easily lead to the character looking very flat so i would look out for that. That doesn't mean however you should never do a character right from the front. Character drawn in 3/4 style always get a bit more depth to them.

The last thing I'm going to mention is: Look carefully at Marko's use of silhouettes. I'll add an example. Look at the shapes he uses to make his character recognisable. The little details sticking out and the "holes" in the figure. There is this really neat interaction of positive and negative space that gives this character its unique appearance.

Overall though you did a very great. job! I know how hard it is to push things to the finish especially since you start noticing all these things you could have done better and what else. Keep doing these character though. You'll get better which each painting you finish.

I hope this helps a little haha.

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Thank you sooooooo much @Zipfelzeus! I really see what you mean about the head being too big.. it's definitely making her have a cartoony vibe to her.

Since posting this, her design has altered ever so slightly but you're right, she could benefit from a more unique silhouette. That's a really interesting point about having 'holes' in a silhouette, I think I'll play around with that in her cape.

Once again, thanks for the help :) I really appreciate it

Really good points from Zipfelzeus. Especially about the head. I'd like to add that you might want to add a bit more forehead to her - this should create better facial proportions.

I think you could also try to be more confident using light and shadow. Pick a direction that the light is coming from and then really think about how it wraps around every shape on your figure. This will make everything look a bit more 3D.


As you can see, threw in some light and shade based on a light source to the left of the image. I think you were going for top down light in the original, but you need to be a bit bolder with it to help us read the 3D shapes.

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Thanks @BadWoolf! I knew I was going to have someone point out her forehead haha. The face ref I used for her was Gigi Hadid, who does have a lower hairline than most.. but I think I took it a bit far :P. I'll be sure to fix it.

You're right about needing to be bolder with my lighting and shadows. I have been working on it for this piece but it's looking not neat enough to post and update this thread. I'll hopeful be posting it here tonight :)

Thanks for the paintover too. It's super helpful :)

Great crits. Think about your material rendering more as well. Light will hit scratches in armour and make them highlight, falloffs of light on different materials surfaces will differ from each other in more realisitic conditions so you have to pay attention to that if you want to move away from stylized work. Everything is looking mostly matte in your piece. I recommend doing material studies specific for application to your future pieces to amp up your knowledge there but also keep them immediately applicable and relevant.

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@Amit Dutta; yea everything all being rendered in the same way makes it look very cartoony. I've been addressing the issues over the past day and redid a lot of it. In the past I have done studies on materials; but I'm the kind of person where studying is easy, but when applying that knowledge to my own work, everything goes out the window and I end up with a mind blank haha. I just need to study more, I suppose.

This is how the current piece looks now. It's still a WIP, but it's changed so much that it's better to post this and get crit on the new version since it feels like a completely different piece now.

[Image: tumblr_ojjf1g6h3Q1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Nice looking piece Chubbycat :).

I keep meaning to pitch in with a paintover but haven't got round to it yet so in case I don't I just wanted to mention something I spotted.

Her trailing thigh (her right one) looks like it should be in more shadow than you have it. The way her robes are hanging looks like it should block most of the light from her right inner thigh - a darker shadow there will work well I think?

Will try to post a PO tonight if I get chance.

Keep going - it's looking good :).

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Thanks Artloader! :)

I completely agree with you. When I repainted it I attempt to cast it more in a shadow, but I wasn't able to get the colours quite right and ditched it. I'll readdress it though and give it another shot! I think I was just being too heavy handed with the values haha.. I'm still learning to be brave with bolder shadows :P

Thinking of calling this done now. Any last c&c is most welcome :)

[Image: tumblr_ojo6jazRx01vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Heya. Just wanted to come in here to say that I really like the changes you did. The colors look a lot better and the armor just has more interesting shapes now. Also the head looks much more natural now. :D

Reallys cool that you got some design aspects into to shoulderpads. Just makes the thing feel a lot more whole.

One last tip I'll leave (which isn't that big of deal and has nothing to do with your rendering). When you present your character drawing (in a portfolio for example) it's sometimes good to make sure the character has enough space around them and that they don't feel traped by the canvas.

I know it's really subtle. But it might be something to think about! Awesome work anyway! :)

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@Zipfelzeus Good point man! I took your advice and made the canvas larger in the final image (the final image can be viewed in the first post). Thanks for the compliments :)! I'm glad I added extra details to the shoulders; it feels so much more complete now.


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