Steeliebob's Sketchbook
[Image: y9jnogy.jpg][img][Image: YLzw0me.jpg] 
[Image: id93F27.jpg]
[Image: LKNzuNg.jpg][Image: DBxaUK2.jpg][/img]

[Image: ht4P2f6.jpg] [Image: krdtvwu.jpg] [Image: KOz0gic.jpg] [Image: D0vy9Sh.jpg]

[Image: assSsYY.jpg]
[Image: MtRDVSY.jpg]
[Image: 0wtgYCa.jpg]
[Image: L2tCUQ1.jpg]
[Image: gOjdonS.jpg]
[Image: fbvxW5D.jpg%5D]
[Image: mhEaoAO.jpg]
[Image: QbR5XnP.jpg]
[Image: LkDsX07.jpg]
[Image: bwgP4Dv.jpg]
[Image: NefIO04.jpg]
[Image: 1IKJFKZ.jpg]
[Image: ASjSoth.jpg]
[Image: JumGNQN.jpg][Image: TXK2Vxi.jpg]
[Image: 2i9sxSK.jpg][Image: fW4Av7V.jpg]
[Image: wJJEatx.jpg]
[Image: kybSvLk.jpg]
[Image: AsRQPdu.jpg][Image: 80157t9.jpg]
[Image: 1JVPYgg.jpg]
[Image: bQPoYls.jpg]
[Image: tsVhvpl.jpg]

[Image: mrXX1gu.jpg] [Image: k6bRmRB.jpg][Image: CKra6gv.jpg]
[Image: JqxaPZQ.jpg]
[Image: kWFQ1v7.jpg]
[Image: 9VOYQnb.jpg][Image: 4jToYLn.jpg]
[Image: jQfAGUv.jpg]
[Image: UTaQRLO.jpg]
[Image: F1FtIuT.jpg][Image: CURabYn.jpg]
[Image: ESrr2yi.jpg]
[Image: CovDgqp.jpg]

[Image: d92UKU4.jpg]

[Image: nDtlLY5.jpg]
[Image: ESrr2yi.jpg][Image: hA9oBRN.jpg]
[Image: ouDDMTh.jpg]
[Image: sNsMSAn.jpg]
[Image: WDa5c5s.jpg]
[Image: zRe0SdA.jpg][Image: 8D3NvpQ.jpg]
[Image: GkENF6b.jpg]

[Image: E2CJJNz.jpg]
[Image: XG12ubi.jpg]
[Image: 6pIpZhi.jpg]

[Image: sNdiOrG.jpg]
[Image: RVKXoRz.jpg]
[Image: DqMpWCr.jpg]
[Image: vqOYZrb.jpg]

[Image: Rf8ZUw4.jpg][Image: bHTpFPj.jpg]
[Image: CsL7nzR.jpg]
[Image: YU7JUKd.jpg]
[Image: pD8tQcA.jpg][Image: FF0O3KP.jpg]
[Image: TGE2NGg.jpg]
[Image: AuejvFU.jpg]
[Image: XSmJoc9.jpg]
[Image: DQFhtU2.jpg]
[Image: E0yTaDv.jpg]
[Image: qTsdsnl.jpg]
[Image: Yal4zul.jpg]
[Image: IRJJJlg.jpg]
[Image: QG91BH8.jpg]
[Image: 6iVos0A.jpg][Image: tYQc5LH.jpg]
[Image: 6iVos0A.jpg]
[Image: 4yYhDLm.jpg]

Like your style dude, might do you some good to do some longer studies of more realism, that would influence your work and help with feature alignment, caligraphy etc. hope things are goin well for ya ;)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
[Image: F4M0AN6.jpg] [Image: Nyy4hUo.jpg]
[Image: WGSVsTb.jpg]
[Image: lGjJSlD.jpg]
[Image: KVUO6Bv.jpg]
[Image: SO5ucse.jpg]
[Image: DbAx8Rr.jpg]
[Image: mjUwYpy.jpg]
[Image: EHyjjjI.jpg]
[Image: ci8iMWf.jpg]

[Image: GT3oU1x.jpg] [Image: xxGXIMf.jpg][Image: kAWkqg7.jpg]
[Image: so3F7zj.jpg]
[Image: oTggkCI.jpg]
[Image: nt9PjKO.png]
[Image: xWRpaKw.jpg]
[Image: aY6KGmC.jpg]
[Image: 9Ut3cQZ.jpg]
[Image: QkWf61M.png]
[Image: CBXmwOx.png]
[Image: bOP4PkG.jpg]
[Image: rYD1cLh.jpg]
[Image: E5El2jY.jpg]
[Image: 4QeqXmZ.jpg]
[Image: JZKASQZ.jpg]
[Image: XCL06sP.jpg][Image: so5iR8d.jpg]
[Image: cpFNv4O.jpg][Image: ABs3ap7.jpg]
[Image: graT2ZL.jpg]
[Image: AGBDL3q.jpg]
[Image: FeUBZqf.jpg]
[Image: v0lUwUc.jpg]
[Image: EVh5vJ3.jpg]
[Image: QP2zRmi.jpg]
[Image: 8uokune.jpg]
[Image: ptGR68m.jpg]
[Image: vTc4Re7.png]
[Image: Tt0KcU3.png]
[Image: Tt0KcU3.png]

[Image: cbbVIi8.jpg]
[Image: 7i6RFiS.jpg]
[Image: BxmW5Zr.jpg]
[Image: qwh7PME.png]
[Image: 1OkvuiJ.jpg]
[Image: 3VSnAnM.png]
[Image: RoEJBbE.png]
[Image: BleK3K7.png]
[Image: 23O6xw0.png]
[Image: oBG3Gxs.png]
[Image: jzf2jbJ.png]
[Image: sTq2jI0.png]
[Image: 7Ah5Hqq.png]
[Image: vGnWwMB.jpg]
[Image: 62B224E.jpg]
[Image: eBxSFU9.jpg]
[Image: YtM22HF.png]
[Image: e2ri9sC.jpg]
[Image: achffA7.png]
[Image: LRsDWrD.png]
[Image: XqzKd14.jpg]
[Image: uaTlcK3.png]
[Image: 8mPcLc9g.png]
[Image: 9g8cg2X.jpg]
[Image: 257ld6R.jpg]
[Image: WdU4rFB.jpg]
[Image: lkOW4zX.jpg]
[Image: XcTdxZ8.jpg]
[Image: VTpymDi.jpg]
[Image: 1sx2ZNN.jpg]
[Image: otI4VoI.jpg]
[Image: d1kFCB7.jpg]
[Image: McAA4QA.jpg]
[Image: l88XBPt.jpg]
[Image: YFTjPiR.jpg]
[Image: F07m5oI.jpg]
[Image: nV8Pg93.jpg]
[Image: capYWtv.jpg]

[Image: eYnIhkw.jpg]
[Image: tsgyT3N.jpg]
[Image: AnjyYxg.jpg]
[Image: 11SMaHc.jpg]
[Image: T3qdGuO.jpg]
[Image: FIhBpmN.jpg]
[Image: XhM24Fu.jpg]
[Image: kGduHXH.png]
[Image: zklssvQ.png]
[Image: dEn8P80.png]
[Image: 2cbFedn.png]
[Image: pdpAIbu.jpg]
[Image: ni6avvd.png]
[Image: TCoSXkV.png]
[Image: sJA6Fi8.png][Image: FbrGeZD.png][Image: G0CYG6z.jpg]

[Image: wMe5t4j.jpg]
[Image: P2FyKRA.png][Image: ELzJABC.png]
[Image: 3GH2waN.png] [Image: l6mjzo9.jpg]
[Image: 9iWmvLR.jpg]
[Image: mMHlkz1.jpg]
[Image: UsBPtNQ.png]

[Image: uFBCPvV.jpg]
[Image: qpZrWA1.jpg][Image: ddN0YML.jpg]
[Image: 223nrKZ.jpg]
[Image: eeScB4t.png]
[Image: Sf078s7.jpg]
[Image: PpE9JUR.png]
[Image: pEiQfsZ.png]
[Image: uap5HUJ.png]
[Image: YyDXmKS.png]
[Image: hoEqhZu.png]
[Image: ctpaPkl.png][Image: pKrMfoK.png]
[Image: QtZ9IVW.jpg]
[Image: QRbH4EI.jpg]
[Image: khzFTW1.png]


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