Art Test WoTC...crit needed
Hey guys, I'm doing an enviro art test for WoTC to be submitted in about a day and a half or so. this is where i have got to so far...a bit of a wip progression. Haven't gone hardcore into detailing yet, just want to get the mood and comp perfect. I think I've lost the stronger comp diagonals from the middle one to the last, but I like the opening up of the environment and sense of space too. Any comments would be appreciated... Cheers!

[Image: art_test_wips_by_bigbwana-d4xzrwv.jpg]

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Ha overwhelming number of replies....guess I cut it too fine asking for crit.

This is what i submitted anyhow.

[Image: 303409_427340987295910_303809626315714_1...5585_n.jpg]

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I really like your final one, the banners add a nice touch of movement into the piece and bring the eye in to the building nicely.

Hey Monkeybread, Good finish. One thing I would have said about your earlier piece was no clear area of focus but you resolved that with the building detail + lights and the flags are a bonus. Good luck!


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