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Hey! Here some of my drawings/paintings/studies etc. Any advice/critique would be awesome, thanks :)

Pencil works I`ve done as a part of my university study 

Just trying to draw an orc (pencil)

Right now i`m trying to copy paintings of my favorite artists as a part of learning process. Heard that this is really helpful practice. This particular art i finished just yesterday. Original painting was done by Karl Jacob Wilhelm Huhn back in 19th century.
[Image: old_warrior_study_by_phantom2262-dbmeknu.jpg]

I`m still working on this one. Original painting by Roberto Ferri.

P.S. I just realized that i added this post in the wrong forum section. Sorry)
Really like academic drawing / KEEP it up )
Moving on with this study. A bit slower, than i thought tho.

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:o so much goodies in here~

Liking your tradition aproach to rendering, really makes it look like a old painting, keep it up ! : )

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Found some old stuff I did back in 2016

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Ok, finished this study, eventually.[Image: master_study_finished_by_phantom2262_dcw...vSRxCLR__Q]
Really nice shadow transtion here.You even go some reflected light in the color of is clothing fantastic.Your attention to detail is stunting.

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wow great study.... cant really fault it... even though I have seen the painting before I didnt know who the artist was.... Roberto Ferri damn hes good at the figure might have to do a couple studies myself

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