Transformers Style Battle
After staring at it blankly for a while i decided to just paint over it and see what happened. Been irritating me for a while, I prefer the one without the building as it was too distracting.
Any feedback would be great.
[Image: robotfiiiiight2.jpg]
[Image: robotfiiiiight.jpg]



The image has no real focus point because of the sky. I think that you should make the sky way darker with smoke, or more buildings in the background. The sky is now the brightest color (almost pure white) in the whole image. You should make it smokey and make the robot lighter with maybe a reflection or more specular light.

I may be wrong because I'm not that good my self.

the background is much too detailed, so it distracts the eye from what's happening. don't show as many bricks and all the leaves in the trees and all those clear shapes, lose detail on everything that's not important. also either darken the foreground or the background to create contrast and make the foreground stick out.
the guy in the right corner is very distracting, i think he's too blurry, maybe lose him entirely or move him back a bit. the women behind him don't seem scared, they just look like they've decided to continue their stroll in a different direction. look at people running.
also: the building in the robot's back creates a weird tangent in the shorter version. try to find a different solution. maybe once it's less detailed and either darker or lighter and a different colour than the robot, it might actually be ok in the tall version.
and: use colour! right now everything is about the same colour. use warm vs. cold colours to create contrast, use the light of the fires to create an ambience. there could be much more of it in the background, show more devastation. this way you could have a reddish-orange kind of background against a cold - maybe blueish - foreground. play around, find out what's working. =)


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