Hi guys. I used to be a member but fell out of it. Need to get back to sharing my stuff and receiving feedback, I'm at risk of stagnating. Nothing in this thread is sacred, fire away!

For Future Reference

Starting off with the homework I've been doing for my schoolism course
Designing Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes

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A set of small illustrations I started for Instagram + portfolio purposes and a little doodle

[Image: v5Yj0YU.png]
[Image: c7ekVpj.jpg]
maan, some of your colors a superb! did you use 3d for the darkish statue/sacrifice painting?

Thanks Leonard! Yeah that was a Schoolism assignment, the 3d was provided to do an overpaint on :)

My friend I'm taking the course with was away for a week so I turned my attention to the gaping hole in my art: draftsmanship. I needed to tackle my line confidence, 3D forms, and design badly, so I just bought a stack of cheap paper and will work my way through that. Here's the current state of that:

[Image: SgLxj3N.jpg]
[Image: bUC9H81.jpg]

I'm not doing any sketching to force myself to think more. That's why most of this is pretty bad. But it's already starting to help a LOT! Will continue just filling pages, getting that mileage
was goin on prov, got some good stuff goin on in here... Doin them buckets, skulls from angles, very nice, gonna benefit alot. Big thing that helped me was draw a pose from photo, spend enough time for a line drawing maybe, 5-10 minutes, then hide it, do from memory, and then correct it. This activates seemingly all the important parts of your brain for development, invention, observation, visual library, anatomy, line weight, shape recognition, and most importantly, correction. even more bonus points if you do it a 3rd time from memory after correcting and correct again, until you truly understand what youre looking at

Now i can only speak from my experience, but learning the reilly abstraction has been a priceless tool for my development, as well as quicksketch from watts atelier, which there are 2 free livestreams on YT with jeff and erik. keep posting and i will try to cheer you on as i do with the few ppl that post here on daggers

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
The last couple of weeks have been weird, man. I fell sick and stuff got in the way. Back on that horse.
Mainly brushwork studies, trying to find my touch

[Image: DPxMbin.jpg]
[Image: 6FxeMkz.jpg]
[Image: 1XWJvv9.jpg]
[Image: wdckg3C.jpg]


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