Birdie's Sketchbook
You have great skill for inorganic form but i think you leak the pressure sensitivity when it come to making organic form.I recommend you pratice thin to thick line and pratice drawing curve seem simple to simple?Mix the two together.Also you gotta learn about ghosting to eliminate that repetitive redrawing of the line.The key is to create a light first under sketch once that sketch is solid you can start going with more pressure on those line to create a much more pleasing line work.

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Thanks for the advice! I actually do studies like that quite a bit - and I am capable of much better line work than this. These are just messy because they are quick studies. I think you make a good point though - I shouldn't use studies as an excuse to be sloppy with my lines. I'll throw in some ink figure studies too. It's a less forgiving medium and will force me to be more careful.
Hi Birdie, nice studies!
I think you could take more time per study, so that you devise more accurate and deliberate forms, and view them through a mirror - or flip your digital canvas, in order to spot mistakes better.
Keep it up!
When it comes to anatomy studies I am pretty careful - but you're right on the money really with the portraits. I gotta get more patient - thanks for the reminder! Good underlying construction is the basis of a successful drawing after all.

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