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Great studies man you are fearless. Not gonna lie I am really confused with these, are these combinations of both study(draw from a reference) and drawn from imagination (meaning you study the body but then add your stylized hands or legs to the body) or all of the drawings are made through imagination?

And also the project is it going to be free or priced, and what kind of book?

Don't be shy and message me if you have any questions.
I kinda said something stupid when i think of it hatching is probably the more time consuming as putting flat value is alot faster if you know how to use the tool to get most value down instead of using only a fraction of the tool. But i don't know about how fast you can really get that softness because control and speed will hatching demand probably one additional thing consistency of not only direction but spacing of each individual stroke .I suppose aslong as you don't draw to big it can be achieve at a pretty acceptable rate.What do you say?Also on an other note why not just jump to the new stuff ?Do you have a purpose as to why you post previous work?

We are yet to see any real portrait it kinda strange when i think about anatomy it seem like a must do you mean like anatomy for scientific illustration in that case you probably wouldn't be that interest in face.Why do you enjoy drawing and is it something more than a hobby for you?

My Sketchbook
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