Pubic Enemy's Sketchbook
Jephyr, thank you for the feedback, I'm glad to hear it. Yeah, those less-saturated backgrounds worked out better.

This was an attempt at a wider piece than normal. I wasn't achieving the feeling I wanted so I ended up using an absurd amount of textured scatter brushes and low-opacity layers of pure orange. Bit of a shameful display.

This was a commission for a guy from Reddit of his WoW characters. I ended up spending way too much time on it considering the $ I asked for, so that was a learning experience. But the guy was happy with it.

In these next few pictures I mostly experimented with different kinds of textured brushes. I wanted to avoid the look of obvious digital brushstrokes, but that might be a pointless goal. I spent too much time on most of them, horsing around with small areas at 100% zoom.

For now I've gone back to traditional art because I currently enjoy it more, and it doesn't let me horse around for hours. I'm using up a neglected sketchbook with uneven pages so I usually do a lot of hatching and squiggling instead of side-of-the-lead strokes. All charcoal and graphite.

I've been posting pictures on the main art subreddit on Reddit. It's kind of fun because the site design makes for a more active audience, so you don't get the feeling that the picture disappeared into the void a minute after you uploaded it. If a picture gets no traction, you don't have to wonder if it's because nobody saw it. This was the most successful submission of mine by far (a whole 10.7k updoots, great life accomplishment). Many people asked where the penis is. I'll be honest, I thought having wolfman genitalia in the foreground would be too distracting. Plus I'd have to put a R18+ filter on it on all sites. We'll have to say it's a very muscular lady werewolf.

Hi PE,

It's awesome to see you working both in traditional and digital. I get what you're saying about spending WAY too much time 'horsing' around at 100% zoom. : )

On the digital pieces — love to see the depth (distance) you're working into some pieces and your 'color' sense as I mentioned before.

On that first piece I wonder about balance. It seems to be very weighted to the left. One possible solution would be some distant sail ships between the foreground and distant structure. But that's a small nit.

idontknowhatsgoinon is my favorite from this group. The figure is so lifelike really proportionate and well done —and that darker palette really suits it.

dergern is very good. Is that an original concept? If so I'd love to see you paint that one.

Keep 'em coming

Hey Pubic Enemy - great work here - I especially love your lighting - wonderful core shadows and reflected light.

Hope you've been keeping well dude :).

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CD Sketchbook

Seeing your sketches is really surprising. Your work on the last CHOW made me do a double take. You have so much of an air-brush quality to your digital art while your sketches have so much more dramatic lighting and texture. If those worlds could collide a bit more maybe, but I'll always side with traditional ;)


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I hope you don't mind some thread necromancy. I have so much to catch up on from the time I was out howling in the woods.

You truly have a universe and style of your own, regardless of the medium, mood or topic. What are you latest endeavors? I'm curious.

(01-02-2022, 07:51 AM)RottenPocket Wrote: You have so much of an air-brush quality to your digital art while your sketches have so much more dramatic lighting and texture. If those worlds could collide a bit more maybe (...)

Words of wisdom.

Jephyr: Thanks so much for all your comments. I haven't painted over any of my pencil sketches so far; I just don't feel like I have the digital painting chops to actually improve them.

Artloader: Thank you, and I hope you're keeping well too. Sometimes I wonder what you're up to.

RottenPocket: Thanks. Yeah, I was always trying to avoid having any obvious digital brush-strokes visible, but that mostly resulted in everything looking more plasticky and blurry than it needed to. If I feel like doing digital painting again at some point, I'll definitely have a different approach. But I'll always side with traditional too.

Leo Ki: Hey, thread necromancy is the highest form of flattery, so thank you very much. In fact, I was so touched by your thread necro that I took 6 new pictures for you (the first drawing is the last one that I bothered photographing and posting anywhere).

After doing an entire 3 commissions I lost all desire to become a professional artist. My clients were perfectly nice people, I just don't seem to like drawing very much unless I'm just doodling aimlessly whenever I happen to feel like it. It seemed inevitable that trying to become a full-time professional artist would quickly drain all of my enjoyment of the activity.

So I got my first job out in meatspace, and I'm generally feeling happier and enjoying drawing more than I used to. I'm an almost completely unambitious person, so I'm probably gonna live and die without venturing outside of about a 50 mile radius.

I also care even less about making things look correct than I used to, so these might hurt your eyeballs a little bit.

It good to see you posting.

My Sketchbook

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Your traditional work has a very specific feel that I can't quite describe, but I really like it. I suppose it might be the contrast along with the hatching work that isn't always super blended in lots of spots. Reminds me of Mauro Belfiore pencil work, although his stuff tends to have a more rendered look.

Hope you can find a good balance for your art, work, and happiness! Maybe freelancing isn't the right approach for you, or see if you enjoy it more while just doing it for yourself. I'm curious to know what it is you don't specifically enjoy about drawing. The process of it or maybe the pressure of having to have a result at the end? Maybe answering it for yourself could shed some light.

Hi PE, Those pencils/charcoals are ALL superb. Man, your "caring less about making things look correct" ends up better than the stuff I fret and sweat over. : )

Have you ever looked at Carlos Huante's stuff? He really plays with proportion — but you can see he really understands anatomy — & your work OBVIOUSLY shows you do as well. His is much more wild than yours but your comment made me think of him. He wrote years ago that after breaking his fingers with traditional figure drawing — one day he just needed to let it go and that's when he found his voice — and interestingly — that's when success came knocking too!

Hope to see you post more in yer CD sketchbook.....


Thank you for sharing your journey :) It's a perfectly sensible decision not to stick your fingers into the industry's cogwheels if that's what it feels like to you. Going your own way may grow your world way beyond what you can imagine at the moment. Please keep posting! I enjoy your work in whatever medium!


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