Jed Dorsey's Paintings!
Hey guys, Jed Dorsey here! I'm very new to the forum but it seems like you've got a dedicated group of artists here. Love it! 

I grew up in a family of watercolor artists but fell in love with Acrylics 20 years ago. The rest is history!
[Image: W3bu1sV.jpg]
[Image: Oevkow8.png]
[Image: IWejY3Q.jpg]
[Image: iL4hXkq.jpg]
[Image: SYqbP6S.jpg]
[Image: 3ofcay9.jpg]

Jed Dorsey - 4th generation Acrylic Artist! Husband, father, lover of rock and roll and Jesus. Founder of Acrylic University
Cool, welcome! first and third painting are my favorites, they look really nice.

Welcome to Daggers, Jed! Really digging your first post. I particularly love the water reflection/colours of image 3. Can't wait to see more

Amazing sense of color and light in these paintings! I really love some of the brush strokes as well!

Are these from life or photo reference if I may ask?

Welcome to Crimson Daggers Jed!

I'm loving your work - especially the middle rock in the first piece - the way you placed the lighter brush strokes on top of the darker mass is wonderful!

Looking forward to more!

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CD Sketchbook

I absolutely love these

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