Crimson COW (Week of March 28th)
(04-11-2021, 01:24 PM)aNewPseudonym Wrote: Hello, I'm brand new to Crimson Daggers, first post, but I figured I'd jump into one of these competitions. 

I wanted to do something with a creature emerging from a human host. As I was doing a little research, I found this Conan story, "The Devil in Iron," that starts with a fisherman awakening an ancient being after trying to steal an old dagger. In my version, this fisherman becomes a vessel for a cosmic entity to enter our dimension.

I hope I uploaded these images properly. I can't guarantee I'll actually finish this for tomorrow, but I'll try!

Hey, Welcome Dagger. 

 Thanks for jumping in, the more the merrier. 

For due dates, I recommend bookmarking World Time Buddy, that way you can keep track of the challenge dates. I always think I have an extra Day because most challenges I see use American time zones, but this one's in UTC, so I'm only two hours ahead, which is like, three hours from the time of posting this. 

Check out the CHOW thread as well! That one is up to the 19th.


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