Warmics' Sketchbook
(03-13-2015, 07:24 PM)Rshin Wrote: Warmics!!

It's good to see your drawings again :D I also see you post in the Level Up page, those were really informative too. Keep it up, as always. And thanks for sharing your studies. I learn from them too ^^

Hey Rshin! Thank you for the kind words, it's very encouraging to hear people find these useful! ^^

Sketch Dumps

Dooood. I love how you draw. Even though there's not that many pages, it's easy to see the progress.

I'd love to see more goodies closer to finished, the drapery studies could use more finesse and edge attention, but that just comes with more time spent on it...I need to study drapery too, lmao.

More plz :D. Followed you on DA.

Youtube Channel (Process, Tips on how to get work, etc...)
Ooooh your linesketches are super sweet!!
I have a critique about your recent drapery studies, notice how on the refs there are hard and soft edges? On your studies there are only soft edges except for some of your outer edges? Try replicating that in your studies, it helps to exaggerate it a little bit to learn from it. Drapery often needs this!


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