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Full Version: Bjulvar's Sketchbook
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Hey guys! Been lurking here for too long now and decided that I needed to stop slacking and start a sketchbook. My main goal is being a concept artist. Draw or die I suppose!

Starting off with an armor study I made today.
And some stuff!
Random stuff. I'm the worst at environments. And I'm already updating slow!

Tonights quickstudy.
Love when I'm making the face that I'm sketching.
hey Bjulvar, start a sketchbook is always a good idea.
Keep posting and drawing everyday, you are right, draw or die! :)
EduardoGaray Yeah I figured just as much! I'm trying atleast, there's a lot of stuff that will never see the light of a forum! Thanks for dropping by.

Here's an armor study and me trying to apply it!
What?? sculpture? awesome !!!!
Liberty Yeah, what was I thinking?! Thanks!

Here's some faces!


I can see improvements in your armor rendering, nice!

I love the red orc
Patrik Thanks man, means a lot! I think that I love him too.

Some stuff from today.
Selfportrait day woah!
A study, some sketches for conceptart's creature of the week and an illustration in progress!
A portrait that I did for a friend. I used the Halo: Reach cover as base and a bunch of mobilepictures as reference for the armor, god damn challenge :x
Even more color on my latest illustration. Going really well so far, but I sometimes feel that I loose all the dynamic that a sketch contains as I go on to render it.
That illustration still looks a bit too dark to me. Armor studies look fantastic.
Yeah it does now in retrospect! I should revisit it and try brightening it up. Thanks mate!

Went inactive for a while now. Don't know what happened! So here's a nice little update. They're in no particular order.

Hey man great sketchbook in here I love the studies I am with ya Draw or die man keep it up!
Thank you man! Trying to push it to the limit!
Studies and practice!

Some hands!
Don't know what I'm doing.
whoa, great improvement since my last visit, you are getting better and better.
But work more on the different types of edges.
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