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Daily Study Group.

The Structure: Everyday an hour study

When: It's up to you, but CJ, myself and a few others will be livestreaming our sessions daily and talking though them so that you can watch them later and follow along.

Where: This thread and the links provided below.

Miguel's LiveStream:

CJ's Livestream:

Daily Lesson Plans:

Miguel's Photo Study board on Pinterest:

So the plan is, we do the daily lesson and anyone that follows along is strongly encouraged to make their own live stream video and share both the daily study and the process video, also be sure to talk through the video and discuss your thought process.

Here is my study from today (January 3rd, 2014):

Here is the video from today for other's to follow along with:


Hello people, thank you for joining the Daily Study Group, and thanks for getting online and streaming yourself. As of today I'll be continuing my studies based solely on my work and using the Study Group to get more images done and beef up my portfolio with higher quality illustrations and designs. I'm going to push to start getting higher paid work and more frequent work ASAP.
Hey guys did my livestream, 1 hour head bust value study. Feel free to check it out! Here is what I did for the picture but set to black and white

you can find more sculptures and busts here where I found the image

Was fun hope you guys all keep up with the studies as I will, kind of hard to talk and essentially say what im learning so will try to work on that in the future. Goodluck guys we all are going to get awesome.

Hour study while watching CJ's stream, I like this idea guys. Looking forward to more study streams.
Hey guys did my 1hour study today on my stream of a movie still. The video is attached to my livestream and will be uploaded to my youtube as well. Didnt get as much done and even went over an hour learned a few things about how I work and how I need to probably try blocking things in earlier than I do. But remember try to pull from your study and learn from it dont just copy.

Keep up the studies glad to see people coming into the streams! Keep pushing everyone we will all get there.


also here is a link to get movie stills if you don't have it.
CJ, 1 hour is very short for a whole scene…. lol mine is way off, but I picked up a lot of information about composition and how colors interact next to darker values.

Here is my image:

Here is the still to follow along if you wish:

Here is the stream from today:
i'm gonna join in on the fun
[Image: xFK82z3.jpg]
Here's my study from Django Unchained.

[Image: qJRxbKm.jpg]
Hey guys here is my master study today again I did more of a modern master. Spent roughly 2 and a half hours on mine, I really wanted to nail the lighting down a bit on batman.

David Finch

Hey, did 1h Ilya Repin study.
Should have resized to bigger reso much sooner, his colors were interesting aswell.
Here is part 1 of the Master Study:


Here is the video:
Here is my loomis studies from today did loomis figures you guys can find the books.Here. I used figure drawing for all its worth, and did page 38 and did the simple gesture for proportion studies.

Loomis study
Loomis session from today: [attachment=40614]
Study after William Bouguereau
[Image: 2r8rEWS.jpg]
Day 2 and 3. Master study is from Anthony Van Dyck.

Day 2 vidya
Still Life from today, and yesterday's video:

loomis study :) pretty fun
[Image: bfytfWd.jpg]
uhg. so hard to let go after an hour! -fun time over all though! X)


Did a master study of a Gerome painting, then my file corrupted after I closed! ;_;
still life today god I hate these DX but need to do them and do more of them.

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