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Full Version: Bookend's Sketchbook
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Another couple of hippos. Grin
Heeyyy. Those master studies are crazy good, but I'm not seeing that level of work in your other studies. How long do you often spend on a study? Also not sure if you're doing it already or not, but draw something from imagination after you do a study. That way you'll be applying your study to your sketches.

Keep up these posts dude.
As chukho said: Great masterstudies! But do some stuff from imagination in your sketchbook.
For your hippestudies: Practice the bones/skelleton and maybe one three quarter view.
Keep it up and thanks for passing by.
what i like from your studies is that you are not afraid of pushing your values and getting real shadows and lights. But your grayscale drawings still look kinda muddy.
Thankfully, there is a quick and fun excercise you can try to get better at that.
Try blocking in and rendering without pen pressure on.
That way you will have to think carefully what are you going to do before applying a new brushtroke. You will get better at values and your brush economy will improve too.
chukho: Thanks man. Yeah, the reason why these studies aren't exact replicas of the subject is because I used a grid on those master studies, and I took maybe 50 hours? It took a few weeks, several long stretched of meticulous detailing and hard work. These studies I do now maybe go for around an hour or two, but they can stretch throughout the day. I want to cover more subject matter and do more studies into imagination, so they will take up less time and look less awesome. Grin But, it's not about showing stuff that looks awesome all the time. I will keep it up, thanks again!

construction: Thanks! hippestudies? Haha. But, yeah, I'll practice the skeleton. Grin You're welcome. Keep up the hard work!

EduardoGaray: Thanks! I'll give that a go next time, I think. Grin


Some lynx... Studies? Hm. I don't know whether to call it studying anymore. I did some copying, and I did some break downs.. I'm not sure what notes to make right now. I'm tired today. I think I'll start off fresh tomorrow.
Merry Christmas, everybody.

I've done a lot more studies, but most of them were of this quality, and I didn't save them.

I'll be doing a more thorough master study based off of 'Full Moon' by Boris Vallejo, since I've been kind of line-focused lately.
You've certainly been at it! your lighting on the hippos is looking great! and your work with those figures has certainly been improving! Keep at it!
Hey Bookend I encourage you to experiment with some bolder strokes. It appears as if lightly sketch in your strokes, thus giving your painting a sketchy feel. Be bold-er... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results:)
Bookend, no posts since Christmas? Don't stop your momentum here you gotta keep going!
Long time since you posted anything, we miss you! :D
Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I'll probably start posting again soon. Grin

Looks like my computer stuff has been moved around yet again.
Misty... Where's your work!?!??!?!!!!!!!
(05-09-2015, 01:09 AM)Murderotic Wrote: [ -> ]Misty... Where's your work!?!??!?!!!!!!!

It's rustling around in my head, mostly. I've been writing more than drawing these days. So, yeah... It's been since Christmas.

I haven't really been organized. I should, though... I keep seeing people outside the window that I can draw, everyday. And I think, "I should..." But, then I don't.

But, on the light side of things, I'm really happy-- I got a job at a library, and it's a surprising calling for me.

I think once I get organized, with a routine, I will start posting again. ADD can be hard to work through when my routine is up in the air.

Other than that-- I'll stop making excuses. You're giving me the kick I need-- So thank you! I will do my best to get my stuff going again. :D
Fantastic to hear from you Misty! Long time no see. :)

So glad to hear about you finding a job that you really like, are you working now over the summer as well? I'll be here kickin' yo' butt whenever you need it! >;)

No seriously though, don't worry Misty. Whenever you find a time and place where you have time/want to draw and study, do it. There's no point in rushing into studying unless you really want it. I'm rooting for you! Glad to hear from you :D
Nice sketchbook. The master studies are really nice. The only thing I would suggest is checking out the weatherly guide to drawing animals and The Art of Animal drawing. Both books taught me a lot about animal anatomy.

I struggle with add too. I had a similar period where I didn't draw at beginning of the summer even though I had the time. So far for me making a sketchbook has helped. I am also struggling with setting up a daily schedule too. If you need any help setting up a schedule feel free to send me a private message. Maybe we can help each other out.

Also, I found this timer.
It is a repeating timer. I use it to remind myself that I need to get back to work.
Murderotic: Thanks man. :)  It took me awhile, but I'm back in bidness.

ZandraDragon:  Thanks a bunch for your critiques and input.  I definitely agree that I gotta study more animal anatomy.  I use timers for other things, but I doubt doing it for drawing would help that much. Really, it comes down to motivating myself, and just getting started.  But, thanks for the suggestion anyway!  I may end up implementing it anyway, but just because a timer goes off doesn't mean I will necessarily react.

I have been thinking about doing it again for a long time, but thinking isn't acting.  If I plan to just do it for five minutes, just to get started, I always take longer.  It's like when you're a kid and you refuse to go in the bath, and your mom has to drag you into it, and then you stay in there for hours and refuse to come out.  Art is bath.  Haha.

So, the stuff I have to show right now are just doodles, but it's a start.  I'm planning to mix n' match references, because I've always been an internally whiny brat about doing that, but it's time to NUT UP OR SHUT UP.  Amirite?


Anyway, here's my crap.  Be kind.  I don't really intend to take these any farther, they're just me diddling around so that I get back into it, y'know?
It is great to see you update your sketchbook.

I ignore timers too..It is not to time how long to draw. I use it so that when I get distracted while working it reminds me to get back to work and it helps me keep track of how long I am spending on a drawing. I don't use it to draw within a certain time. I block the most distracting websites using stay focus a great google chrome app that has kept me productive. But I don't block crimson dagger because it is an art site ...I sometimes spend too long looking at art instead of actually making it. I definitely agree about the bath. When I am trying to get back into the drawing habit I am really stubborn. It is like trying to lead a horse to water.

I am glad I could help. Keep posting. I would love to see more of your stuff.
ZandraDragon:  Ohhhh, I see what you mean.  That's actually an awesome idea.  I am thinking of making a schedule much like Rapoza used to have, to keep myself on top of things, as well. 

Like this:

I will keep posting!  Thanks.

Currently working on a personal project for once, like I said.  Amalgamating from a bunch of different reference pictures to create something new.  It's a first step towards doing purely imaginative works, I suppose.  Getting to apply and create a composition.  I'm only hoping I put it together well.

Here's the main part--  Wip.  Having some trouble with the head structure. 

Planning to make her a fairy.  Give her moth/dragonfly wings and antenna.  Make her a bit fuzzy and wild and mischievious.  Sitting on a flower, as per the stereotype.  But, hey, gotta start somewhere. :D
I've been working for hours on it.  I'm definitely really rusty.  But, at least I'm getting into some good habits.  Comparing values, flipping the canvas, that sort of thing.  I always used to neglect that, but I'm not gonna anymore.  Time to work without grids for awhile, I think. Annnd time to go to bed.
So, seeing as I need to start putting in graphic design elements into my portfolio, I have made my first... THING.

I have no idea what it is.  Maybe you'll tell me.  It's a pseudo-company design, or a pseudo CD cover, or a pseudo professional thing.

I may not be a concept artist yet, but maybe I can get a job as a graphic design artist...  And maybe that will help open the door.

I was thinking of putting in a pseudo company name, like, "White Wren Studios."  Even though I used a magpie for the bird.  White Wren sounds better, don't you think?  Maybe it's already a company, haha.
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