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There is still room for growth, but starting to get comfortable and it has been almost 8 days now that I started with just drawing the figure in form, so, I am gonna push the complexity a bit, and do a 1-3 days figure drawing. Like from beginning to end.

At the same time, I have been thinking about something I notice from other artists I follow is to have a personal project where you can learn/fail/apply all the skills you're studying, while still studying etc.

Like studying with a purpose in mind, and not just to get like better figure drawing for now reason. So a couple of ideas I came up with thus far is:

Things I have been thinking thus far is :
- Character Illustration with different nature theme
- Character illustration mixed with nature animals
- Characters mixed with an element of nature

But any other ideas are always appreciated.
I'm loving the figure studies dude! You checked out Hampton? He's got some great figure construction teachings.

I vote for idea no. 2 with animals - you could apply your figure comstruction to animal forms :).

Keep going mate!

I do indeed have Hampton's book


Not a whole lot of update. And not a whole lot of intensive studies/imagination drawing for the past week, since I was focused on graduation day (just graduated from high school) and yeah.

Just realized I haven't been applying as much quality to my drawings aside from just leaving them as quick sketches. SO decided to take some time to today and gotten me into a flow state while listening to Bruno Sanfillipo (Awesome musics)


Sketch turned to some sort of graphical design.


Gonna start striving for quality for my next posts. Won't be posting as much sketches.
Alright fellas. Gonna conduct an experiment. Internet experiment. Will be off of the internet for approximately 2 weeks. Just to see what goes in my mind during those 2 weeks without internet. See you all soon.
Originally was gonna head off for 2 weeks from the internet, but 3 days later I couldn't bare not using the internet since I mainly use the internet for researching, read articles, rarely spend time on social media. So what I decided to do was limit the amount of time I use internet for, and have focused blocked time.


I'm also participating in CC 5 Alien Architecture, which you can learn more about here:

Some other stuff, just playing around:


For this month I am just gonna let myself wander instead of focusing on anatomy.
Just a little update, won't be able to finish CC 5, life and whatnot, but I will be back in the game around next week (getting a tablet)

I basically lost spark to draw anything, so I am just taking like a sabbatical and draw just for fun instead of study/participate in any challenge.

So yeah, that's what has been going on and the lack of update in my sketchbook. Hope you all is well, and continue paving your paths.
Don't feel bad about not studying all the time. Sure you need them to improve, you need to them a lot to improve a lot, but you also need to have fun when drawing. So taking a sabbatical, just draw for fun (and maybe see improvement from your studies) is a good thing to do.

Better than burning out :)

And on a brighter note; Your figures are really going forward. I especially liked the Hampton (?) onces at the top of the page. They have a lot of energy to it.
Thank you for your kind words.


Some random stuff



Design related


So as I said now have a tablet, so started practicing digitally, still doing traditionally as well. Now that I have a tablet, my practice hour has also increase for the past 2 days now.  I will stick to weekly posting, and yeah.



Paintings is from Zhaoming Wu. What I like about his paintings is the softness and almost fading the characters/portraits into the background. I will be studying his process and apply it immediately in my own stuff.

The main idea wasn't to have a perfect copy, rather to understand the block-in of shapes and how the image constructs on its own based off of the original paintings. Which you have noticed I have manipulated it a bit.

Time-lapsed video of the practice :
Yes to effective studies! I'm actually going to work on planes of the head, too.
Thank you.


Recent stuff.



Video time-lapsed


Brush experiment


I tried using others brushes, but it just didn't work/click for me. So I am now making my own brushes, that I will use in my own stuff. Its best that way, since you have a better understanding of what you can do for each brushes you make. 


What I have been doing or am doing is focusing on learning mainly landscape, natural environments etc. A change of phase. Ever since I started drawing a lot more on a daily basis. Might have been that I needed a change to happen in order to keep me interested.

I don't really update in most sketchbooks on any forum. Because to save time, I update mainly on my tumblr now ->


I will possibly update this thread once or twice a month. Keeping this post short and concise. Until next time, keep fighting the good fight.
rocking it out! good work dude keep going!
An update of what I have been doing lately.

As you all know, I have been focusing on landscape. Its safe to say I am really digging the process of learning landscapes, and I am already on Day 8.

I am sticking with this for either 30 or 90 Days. Will make another update shortly. The way I am going about landscape for this week, since the first 7 days was more of testing the water, for this week 15-22, I have set myself a project to focus on.

The project is really simple, which is to create a scene with a fog that is a forest, cave or mountain. 

You can find a better idea of the brief here :

By doing this, it allows me to focus clearly on the task at hand, then worrying
about what to do next.


----- > 8/10/2016




----- > 8/13/2016


----- > 8/16/2016



Until next time, keep fighting the good fight everyone.
After 16 Days in which was 2 days ago, I decided to direct message one of the members on here @Tristan, to see what to actually go for instead of doing what I have been doing. And he suggested master studies, which I haven't done for landscape yet.

So here I am on a master study marathon, with of course once a week application of what I learned from the master paintings that I like. Here are some recent ones.



Some things I learned thus far is :
- Block in the big shapes first
- Note down what you want out of the studies
- Don't blatantly do perfect copy. Get what you want out of the process.

Some things I am currently trying to learn from the artists is/struggle with:
- The soft painting style/use of lost edges
- Implied subjects (shapes of the subject)

Artists shown in the paintings :
- Zhaoming Wu
- Megan Lighthell
Very good, I like that you are actively thinking and breaking down your studies.

One thing that I notice in your recent master studies is that sometimes the values are taking a major backseat. I understand that each study has a certain focus for you, so perhaps you weren't focusing on values, but value and color are one in many ways so value should never be overlooked. And right now, the studies look very ghostly as if they don't have any true volume or mass. This has to do with values more than anything so I would put some more thought into that area if you haven't been. Good luck!
Awesome studies, Brian! I didn't read every post, but it seems that you beat yourself up quite a bit and took a couple of breaks from drawing. I don't want to repeat what others may have said but just know that you're still young so don't stress too much.

Still, and this is a bitter pill to swallow, as you get older, not too many people are going to actually care what you go through...they just want to see results. You have skills, so just focus on it and you will be so happy that you did when you're getting paid to do what you love.

Try to draw something everyday. It doesn't have to be studying. In fact, it would be good to start putting your studies to use and seeing what you remember by attempting more imagination work.

This is basically what I've seen from the sucessful artists out there. Brad Rigney said he always looked for reasons to draw rather than reasons not to. That's like my mantra now.

Anyways keep up the good fight, man.
. You're doing great!
Thanks for the comment fellas.

Some more recent things. 
[Image: tumblr_ocfkqbRzXL1uetgj4o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ocqeerS3Wj1uetgj4o1_1280.jpg]
Really nice lighting on these environments man, looks like you've paid a lot of attention to shapes and brushstrokes so it's turned out really appealing
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