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Full Version: POV: u r me and a can't get out of bed :')
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'aight so I have absolutely zero clue how to phrase and organize this so I'm just gonna do it.

Long story short: I need to get out of bed. Mental health issues and executive dysfunction paired with the fact that I have no school or job at the moment (I'm getting there tho! :D) makes that a difficult task sometimes.

So for the next seven days, first thing in the morning, all I'm gonna do it concentrate on getting out of bed. No stressing over breakfast, how to structure my day, what drawing exercises to do, no obsessing over drawings that didn't turn out good the day before. Just get out of bed.

In an ideal world I would get up at 5-6 am but for the sake of being realistic, I'm gonna shoot for 8 pm and take it from there.

Friday: I am uppppppppp, with tea:)
Saturday: Opps forgot to update when I got up rip BUT am back with more tea and knitting supplies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sunday: I'm out of tea :c
Monday: shdfkjsdhf late edit but had dr appointment so had to get up early
Thursday: 7 DAYS BOIISSSS. Getting out of bed has actually been easier so das good, now I jsut got to get back into the habit of practicing my drawing lmao
Here something i wrote when i was around the same mental space i would say to me it a good reminder of why i got so much to learn and so much to gain.I think it would make a good read for you.

Why you should be learning something new everyday

I also got an other suggestion which is an other post i made about
Positive thinking

Forming habit without any support group that an other level of difficulty but hum yeah goal it can be fun to have some kick in the butt sometime (figure of speech) but it not for everyone specially starting out specially if you can't really tell if someone as good intention or not.

One of the ability we all benefit from is the ability to act and hold wereself accountable that discipline. You can be motivated to do something but yet be paralyse by where to start it ok .I would start even lower than that and instead try to set yourself a sleeping hour instead of a wake up hour in that way you have more chance to be up by a certain time.If you don't control when you sleep you can't control when you wake up because you will wake up feeling tired.So i suggest setting a bedtime hours instead.

Anyways not trying to write a wall of text it already alot to digest.Just want you to feel welcome and that i relate to ASD in some form or an other.
Interesting reads, definitely things I need to keep at the back of my mind! (especially about not letting failure cripple me!!!) It's both interesting and inspiring how most things come down to mindset!

Man, positive thinking is really tough. I had a very "forming" experience with toxic positivity in my early teens that turned me off from any form of positive thinking for a very long time. Slowly coming around to it now, tough!

I definitely see where you're coming from! However, my issue is not really inability to fall asleep (or waking up, even). Insomnia is at bay as long as I take my meds. Basically, executive dysfunction can render me passive, no matter how much I want to leave bed and then adding the overthinking on top of that which makes the procrastination even worse and making me turn to my phone or laptop for quick comfort. Which then spirals when the internet does it's thing (keeping you sucked in with endless scrolling etc.)

Writing all this down and actually putting it into words makes me think maybe I would benefit from some journaling hahaha

As always, your input is much appreciated darktiste!!
I do understand those internet loop specially if you work somewhat digitally, Ideally you would have self control over the temptation.But if you want to try to find your own flow as i like to call it i suggest trying to go back to the basic of drawing and draw on paper with a simple pencil it can be really calming when you doodle around it sure as also it own struggle no digitally trickry here but it really a rewarding medium at the same time.

First thing i would recommend really that you get the phone away from you and find a space for the laptop and try to keep it seperate from the space where you would draw traditionally if you think that would help you draw more and procrastinate less.We are not distracted necessarly but we allow were environnement to trigger this procrastination.You would feel much different in a empty room where there nothing but a pencil and a chair i can tell you.If we allow thing to be in were face it not a surprise if thing get in the way.
I've really been focusing more on doing things traditionally with the ctrlpaint exercises, like you said: no digital tricks + no temptation to wonder of on the internet!

I should definitely decrease the amount of distractions within an arms reach, good idea!
(09-19-2021, 04:58 PM)maggotjuicebox Wrote: [ -> ]I've really been focusing more on doing things traditionally with the ctrlpaint exercises, like you said: no digital tricks + no temptation to wonder of on the internet!

I should definitely decrease the amount of distractions within an arms reach, good idea!
It crazy sometime i was just going to try to comment on something else post and i happen to stumble on something perfect for you.The funniest it a post a made years and years ago.

How to Focus On Studying in 6 Steps
Ahahahah, the planets are a l i g n e d!!! Lots of good tips, thank you as always my dude!
Hey, I feel your struggles!

One thing that helped me greatly with depression is mindful-ness/meditation. I'm using an app called Waking Up, and it really helped me in many ways.
Only a small time commitment of about 10 minutes a day will bring really good results