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Hey Daggers! Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook.

This is where I'll hopefully be posting all of my studies and personal work. I'll try and keep it updated as often as I can.

I'll start with some studies from last year just so you can see where I'm at. I'll post some newer work later today.

[Image: soldier_study_by_x_ste_x-d4mawfh.jpg]

[Image: photo_study_55_by_x_ste_x-d4ibub5.jpg]

[Image: photo_study_49_by_x_ste_x-d3f8ubp.jpg]

[Image: photo_study_54_by_x_ste_x-d4csk38.jpg]

[Image: anatomy_09_by_x_ste_x-d47rrra.jpg]
nice studies man. im really diggin the old dude.
Absolutely stunning skectchbook really loving the black and white portrait piece!
That helmet texture is tasty!
Cheers for the comments guys.

Here's a few studies I did for my Gorilla Guardians. Unfortunately I didn't get very far on the final due to work.




My eyes wish to marry details in your image. Will you bless this relationship? XD Great stuff keep it up! ;3

Cornelius Hoelz

great studies - keep on rocking!


Nice Ste, very nice!!
Great as always, man! Tough I want to see more color!
Fantastic work! I will be interested to see how you push your freaky soulless gorillas onto a child's toy packaging :-)
nice studies man! great sense of 'thickness' in the forms. Keep workin at it dude
Thanks guys.

Here a quick study from a 3d model. Going to be pushing more personal work and colour studies in the future.

Haha oh man I was dreading to see your gorilla studies mate, so so good! cant wait to see your entry. Good luck


Nice. I really liked where those face studies of the chimps were going.
Your gorilla studies are ace man!

Thomas Hay

Your studies are solid no doubt about it, I'd like to see you applying them to imaginative work, so post some :) and more colour
Looks like you have a really great eye for texture!

Watch out for anatomical proportions though. On that body builder on page one, his torso is looking preeeety long.

Great work though! Especially that lates one!
Some great studies. Keep it up, man!
I wanna have babies with your textures, they are soooo well done :)
browsing your blog and da, your studies are superb, just be sure and take time between studies to apply stuff and push your personal work.
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