Trying for a Legend of the Cryptids vibe...
Hi all, this is my first post after hearing about this site somewhere (though where exactly escapes me).
I'm trying to do a Legend of the Cryptids style piece with a woman walking along a beach in bright sunlight summoning water from the sea next to her. I've been looking at other artists work (such as Laura Sava) and know mine isn't as good....but I can't quite put my finger on what it is they do that I'm just not getting.
I don't think it's a terrible effort but I feel I've hit a ceiling and don't know how to get through it. Any help/tips/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey did a crit for you today, hope it helps!

Sorry the video is so long, I'm trying to get better at giving crits ^ ^

[Image: pfpaTXo.jpg?2]

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@jonesoda Hi Russell, I'm not sure whether the "@" and your username thing will work on here but I tried replying and it was a mess, it kept merging all paragraphs and bullet points into one massive indecipherable lump.

I want to firstly say THANK YOU for doing this, it's far more than I was expecting to get and was incredibly useful. I'm going to re-work the image with your crit heavily in mind.

* You're definitely right about the arms, going to do some more studies and try and fix those.
* I just ordered Creative Illustration.
* For the water I was trying a Moana type vibe...
* Regarding the lack of bewbs, I've seen some Crptids illustrations without the pervy juvenile tits out thing, guess that is predominantly the trend though. Well, unless you're drawing guys....

Thanks again though mate, definitely given me a lot to work with here!


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