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  Komodo has entered the chat
Posted by: Komodo - 05-18-2024, 06:15 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (3)

Hello to everyone reading this  Thumbs_up

I'm Joseph alias Komodo, 26, from France and I do graphic & motion design for a living. I like my job but I've always been very passionate about concept art.

Since I'm a kid, I draw on & off from 2 to 10+ hours a week. I've always been serious about drawing but never really studied art theory seriously. 

A few days ago something snapped as I felt like I was plateauing regarding my drawing skills. So I decided to begin again to learn to draw and -digitally- paint. I don't know if I can one day produce professional level illustrations but it's worth the shot. The journey should be rewarding anyway.  Wisecracker

That's the story behind Komodo joining Crimson Daggers. I'll soon post a sketchbook thread to share my art with you and collect feedback! I already started to draw more and focusing on theory and studies rather than trying to produce finished pieces.

Excited to be here, surrounded by amazing people and artists! Have a good one and see you very soon  Sun

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Rainbow Back from the depression pit
Posted by: Leonor - 05-14-2024, 12:43 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Hello! This forum reminded me of conceptart.org (RIP) and I decided to join.

I was in conceptart.org for a while, had a sketchbook going, but suffering untreated Bipolar I self-destructed quickly. I'm finally on meds that work so that is the past and there is still a future ahead even if I'm old now.

I've been wanting to get back into art. I have the itch back. I really want to learn how to draw as I'm at a stubborn amateurish level and made little progress in 30 years (I think I regressed really). I sometimes use AI to visualize my characters (I hope this is not a bannable offense!) but this just encouraged me to learn how to draw. I want to do it myself, from my mind.

Is it OK if I start a sketchbook straight away? Would appreciate the encouragement. I have one little drawing to show.

Thank you for having me here!

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  Hello from a new member
Posted by: DLX_artist - 05-12-2024, 11:10 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Hello. My name is Dwayne, I am an artist who has woked in animation, comics, illustrations, and tattooing. I have sort of lost my love of art and here in the hopes to reignite my light by being part of an artistic community. Here are some of my drawings and paintings.

I welcome any thoughts!

[Image: dggt26n-ce7bae77-fe7e-4be9-8d41-0b7c835f...AZ5XVuapb4]
[Image: tigra_by_dwaynebiddixart_dggt37j-pre.jpg...5trKSQfTlc]
[Image: vampi_by_dwaynebiddixart_dg460mj-414w-2x..._ekMzH_Iig]
[Image: dfpgck7-db0954ff-ef62-4405-a2b2-4bbaacf1...EE1djdvCaA]
[Image: devst8m-2776b2ad-c127-4e5e-9211-59ec148f...tbPZ4rO2CA]
[Image: de5rtj6-901855b3-1358-4515-b5a3-d1b3857b...HGdsPIh-9U]
[Image: tone_study_by_dwaynebiddixart_de9ls1d-41...kgrThOR4l8]

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  It is time for the drawing training arc
Posted by: TrashPanda - 05-01-2024, 07:21 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)

Hey guys,

I have been a silent reader for quite a while.
Back then I was too shy to make a account.
The first time I actual heard about that forum was probably 6-8 years
a go when Dave Rapoza talked about it during an interview.

My plan is to finally "git gud" and switch my career.
I guess being forced to work fulltime in a "normal" job
( I dont mean this in a non respectul way ) really pushed me to take
illustration more seriously.

I have to figure out a smart way to study art that wont
burn me out on the long run.

Im looking forward to get to know you guys.

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  A total failure
Posted by: SmokeyGrimm - 05-01-2024, 02:28 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Hi, I'm new here, I'll drop one of my sloppy sketches to be part of this.
I'm not used to do this, but I'm completely desperate and don't know what else to do.
The thing is that I've been trying to get a revenue from my art since 2015, after several years of studying, and dedicating entire days and months creating pieces, all I've got so far it's just failure; my art is never sold, it has been stolen, damaged, vandalized, no art gallery is interested on it, I've been scammed, it couldn't be sold on internet because I never got any visits due to me being a total nobody, and never got anything from it far from suffering and pain.
After losing literally everything, getting psychiatric treatment, getting to the point of literally puking when looking myself in the mirror, several mental breakdowns, and being one step away from living as a homeless, art is the only thing that I have left and I don't want to leave it behind.
Is there any advice or help that you can give me to stop having such a catastrophic artist career?
I'm even willing to sell my art as NFTs if needed
By the way, I live in a third world country, and english is not my native language, so I apologize if I couldn't express myself in a correct way, hope I get at least some words from you
Thanks a lot for taking your time reading me    

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  ̊˙˚˙ Fairly new artist
Posted by: D1$ass3mbl3d - 04-26-2024, 11:43 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

Hello!! My name is Ian and I'm into very detailed art, now if I'm going to be honest with you I'm not great at art at all, but hopefully with the help of everyone here I will be able to accomplish what I want!! As of the moment I have no way of publishing my work, so for the moment I'll just be getting used to the layout and everything this place has to offer. 


A little about me!!   Thinking

I've been drawing since I could move my hands. Unfortunately I've gotten into the habit of staying in my comfort zone, recently I've been trying to get out of it. I would like brutal honesty when it comes to my art, as I haven't yet found a place that will tell me honestly what I need to work on. Right now I'd say I'm in the cartoon style(?) so everything isn't realistic. One of my several goals is to get into drawing backgrounds/scenes.  Happy 


- Get into drawing realistic entity's
- Get into the habit of going out of my comfort zone 
- Get some feedback and guidance
- Make some decent scenery
- Draw unique characters
- Get out of the same face syndrome

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Posted by: Flying Ball - 04-18-2024, 02:18 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (3)

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all. I study art from the internet. I heard that critique is so important to improving on art, so I joined this forum. I wish I could make a lot of friends so I can get a lot of advice and have great discussion about art.

A little bit about myself I'm 19 years old and I actually go to art college, but my art college is suck, they don't teach anything. That's why I go to the internet to find a better way to learn art.

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  Hello, I guess...
Posted by: Artemis - 04-17-2024, 10:38 PM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (3)

I am Artemis - real name Amy.

I'm a teenager(14), and I am still new to art, and to forums.
I have been drawing, doodling, sketching, etc. for a few years now, but I'm still not that good at it.
I usually draw random things, or copy images from the internet. I try different mediums, but the only one I don't suck in is probably graphite pencils, and maybe pen. I don't know why, but I've always been terrible at working with colors.

Nice to meet you all!

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Tongue Oh Hi
Posted by: Mad Nellie - 04-12-2024, 06:23 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (2)

You ever had someone start a text convo with "Oh, hi"? Drives me nuts. Anyway...

My name is Nellie, and I'm more or less a self-taught artist. I've been drawing since before I could remember, so, much of my life. But I did get some formal training in college. 

I'm new to forums, so this is weird for me. Lots of stuff to learn here. Etiquette things, exploring the community... etc. But I like what I see here so why not give it a go?

Recently I started working on a webcomic. It's taken up a good 95% of my time and energy outside of my full-time job. It's not a complaint; it's a project I am absurdly passionate about. But it has made me super aware of where I am lacking as an artist. Since starting the project, I haven't been able to properly allocate time to improve upon areas that seriously need work, which are mostly gestures, inking, anatomy, and foreshortening.

I'm looking to put aside more time to get better at full-body anatomy and gestures, but of course, the goal is always to improve overall.

That said, here's some art I've done over the years!




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  Is this thing on?
Posted by: PaulGanguly - 03-26-2024, 09:38 AM - Forum: INTRODUCE YOURSELF - Replies (1)


Anyone remember me? This is like a Time Machine

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