environmen study with character.some feedback needed.
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I see some composition issues but I dont know how to fix them. And there are other problems too.
your picture is very mono-chromatic. you could have the glowing orb shine on the person more, so she (looks female) is in some orange light. also maybe you want to flip her so she isnt pointing out of the picture.
then your background isnt very much defined, in fact not very much is defined. maybe that is intentional, but there could be more going on, like more fireflies (I guess that is what that red orb is) flying around.

keep pushing the idea and try to get a clearer vision and story. you have a good start. :)

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(09-12-2012, 05:59 PM)DimikA Wrote: [Image: 665657.jpg]
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Cool Drawing!

What my thoughts were:

-The moon is a circle thus drawing the attention, the branches do lead the eye but they can be pushed more, the figure also draws the eye but competes with the moon and the circle of light its holding.

-There are many diff ways or directions you could go. I quickly threw some lines down showing some thoughts.

-One major thing I noticed, is the shot could be framed by the branches of the trees and at the same time use the trees to subtlety lead the eye to the figure.

-The background is there however, it feels like its above the canopy so you could fill in some atmospheric tree "tops" below or in the distance.

-As I thought of water below, perhaps the orbs hover in the tree tops or above the potential water?

Like I said there's many options here. Its up to you what you want to focus on , Telling a story of the space? Where the orbs came from? Emphasize the eeriness? Maybe the orb is a blossom from the sublte plants growing on the trees. Composition wise I think its there, you just need to push what you want to push and it will solve its self.

Best of Luck hope I see more!!

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