Portfolio class- Character Development!
Daniel Warren

see my work here! http://goldendaniel.deviantart.com/
-experience in character design, book art, cultural costume, art history, digital painting.

-class name: Portfolio - Character Development!
-willing to take on 3 students at a time
-2 month class meeting once a week on sundays (8 sessions total, 3 hours each)
-classes to include homework assignments, in depth paint-over and critique, discussion and analysis of work as it develops.
-classes to begin OCTOBER 21st 2012

this class is going to cover some character development basics like anatomy and pose as well as some more advanced stuff like culture, narrative, and motivation. this class will have homework- weekly assignments concerning the development of your characters with full crit and paint-over on our sunday meetings to better help you develop. the goal is a minimum of 4 pieces of art rooted in character design that will adhere to the HEROES JOURNEY archetypes. expect some heroes, villains, wise companions, and the like. you will have 2 weeks per finished piece, sketches, designs, research and comps due the first week, finals due the second. 4 pieces total.

we will work closely with culture and symbolism to make your designs as unique and interesting as we can. post below if interested!

though im only taking on 3 (more would be too hard to manage right now, sorry!), this will be streamed and anyone can follow along with us (though i wont be giving direct feedback on the work via paint-over.)

Looking forward to it!

This is an incredible opportunity and I'd love to be a part of the class. My schedule is open enough to fully participate without any trouble and I'm absolutely dedicated to improving my skills.

Even if I'm not able to join in directly due to space constraints it's really awesome to see this type of class being made available.

Crimson Daggers partner study thread.
I'd love to join this class. Thanks Dan.

Sounds very good, i'd like to join in
I'd like to be part of the class dan. great opportunity. http://ericsmithart.cghub.com/
everyone remember to link your online folio!
This is awesome, I'd like to join!


oh this is great i would like to be one of your students !
here is my portfolio :)
Awesome Dan sign me up please this is definitely a weak point for me.
My schedule is completely open ready to get started.
heres my portfolio if you can call it that Help!

*He who says he can and he who says he cant are usually both correct*
I'll put my name in the hat. I've been so stuck this past month.

Hey Dan,

I'm new here but I'd love to get in on this.

My Blog: http://studio-echelon.blogspot.com/


My newest blog and DA account:



id be lucky take part in an oppurtunity like this to improve :)

Thank you for this class and thank you for streaming it and keeping it open in case we don't get "chosen".

It sounds like a great opportunity and I'm very interested in joining if possible. I've been pushing "the summer of anatomy" while also studying clothing, armor and historical reference for several months now. However I feel like most of my designs are still very primitive and I'm not sure how I can push the narrative of my images more. Basically, I have ideas, and it kills me that I can't put them down on paper how I see them.

I guess what I'm saying is: pick me, because I wouldn't be coming into this completely cold as this class matches what I've been studying so far this year. Also, I've received several critiques from you in the past and used them to improve my images so I'm used to that format and found it very beneficial. Finally, I've been working at improving myself constantly for over a year so I'm not afraid of hard work and pushing myself.

Here are some of the images I've done.


wow. neat idea/whatever. iii'd love to be part of (even if i'm maybe not falling into the 3/4 ones who gET 'intimate' feedback (:: - looking forward to the schedule.
aah and the link: www.nianto.deviantart.com eeeeh.
thanks for all the submissions so far guys. i think this is gonna be a fun experiment. keep posting if youre interested!

and I just wanna say to everyone, thanks for understanding this has to run a certain way. if i had the time and resources to work 1 on 1 with everyone id love to. unfortunately thats not the case so i have to keep it small. Ill be picking people based on specific things im looking for in their portfolios, but even if you dont get picked, dont feel left out! think of it as the difference between taking a class and auditing a class, the only real difference being that in one case you get grades on papers and in the other its just for learning.

thanks again! keep em coming.
I would like to join your class!

Deviantart: http://nimao.deviantart.com/gallery/
CD Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-324.html

I would love to join, it sounds like it might help me and my problem of only being able to do studies xD.

Here's my sketchbook and DA.


wow, that is an awesome idea.
I would love to join, especially as characters are my weak spot and I have to work on that.
my current portfolio is floart.weebly.com
my sketchbook is http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-757.html
i hope this picks up!

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

HOMEPAGE http://floart.weebly.com
Hey Dan,

I am Victoria, It's nice to meet you. I am 16 and from Bulgaria.
I've been drawing digitally for about two months and i think that chance would help me a lot to develop myself as an artist.. Here is my blog http://chakletcookie.tumblr.com/


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