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(08-26-2023, 03:22 AM)JosephCow Wrote: One example of design challenge from outside going on right now, is Istebrak is doing a character/weapon design thing. It's requiring all of that specific prep work submitted and final rendered illustration. While it might simulate doing client work, my issue with that is it's kinda getting too picky for a casual thing to do in your free time.

Yeah, those things are totally lame. I get it if you're trying to get into the mode of doing the concept art hustle 24/7, but otherwise... why would you spend your precious free time on this? It probably doesn't simulate the kind of work that the majority of concept artists actually do anyway.

Also, congrats on the win Joseph! Send me a theme and brief when you get a chance, no rush. If you have an idea for a COW thread you'd like to use, I can make the next thread a COW thread. I stopped making COW threads regularly because of the low participation as you mentioned, but making one here and there for variety is probably a good idea.

Lots of good ideas in the last bunch of posts; it just seems most practical to stick with a character or creature challenge that's completely open-ended in terms of style and composition choices. But if anyone wishes to make a different kind of challenge thread, I encourage you to do so. As CBinns said, the worst thing that can happen is that it won't get replies, but who cares?

Lege1, thanks again for your positivity and feedback toward everyone. Honestly, I understand darktiste's complaint, but I think you should just write as much as you want. It's a hobby!
Congrats to @Josephcow! @Pubic Enemy I understand, thanks.

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Not that I've been participating as of late, but I appreciate CHOW being more like exercises than like a boot camp.  

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Okay awesome, great discussion guys. I will send a Chow or Cow prompt for the next one. And we can probably do some of these other challenge possibilities as well at some point that would be super fun. 

@Rotten Lol i'm stealing that 2 cents gif. to be fair this website's theme is kind of.... intense. bootcamp-y.

(08-27-2023, 12:14 PM)JosephCow Wrote: @Rotten Lol i'm stealing that 2 cents gif. to be fair this website's theme is kind of.... intense. bootcamp-y.

Ja, but there are tiers to the bootcampyness of it all. There's like Admissions, then Bootcamp, then Hell.


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