Wolf's Sketches
gesture drawing
[Image: gestures_by_wolkenfels-d5mxa4w.jpg?1]

more gestures...
[Image: gestures_again_by_wolkenfels-d5n26g0.jpg?1]

speed studies

Merry Xmas all of you - was a great year and thanks for having me with all you great ppl.

Like Neil Gaiman said: MAKE GOOD ART!

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another fire study
[Image: december_speedpaint_fire_and_ice_2_by_wo...5pnpux.jpg]

some knight and a knight study
[Image: kai_von_schwartzensteyn_by_wolkenfels-d5pnzbx.jpg]
[Image: knight_study_by_wolkenfels-d5q65h8.jpg]

a friend of mine - as his dark elf character and himself
[Image: azi_sketch_by_wolkenfels-d5qdm2q.jpg]
[Image: azi_azatoth_by_wolkenfels-d5qyo9e.jpg]
[Image: michael_by_wolkenfels-d5r6c22.jpg]

some friends as fantasy characters.
[Image: ban_by_wolkenfels-d5r1res.jpg]
[Image: korsaren_von_samarak_by_wolkenfels-d5r9ifw.jpg]

first speed paint study of January..
[Image: animal_challenge_1_piglet_by_wolkenfels-d5rsks2.jpg]

Cute Animal Speed Studies (1 hour)
[Image: animal_challenge_2_duckling_by_wolkenfels-d5s912d.jpg]
[Image: animal_challenge_3_wolfdog_by_wolkenfels-d5s9iht.jpg]

oh man, that duck face. nice job man, and only a hour :D

Hey Mod Th_103_ , getting better at those textures. keep it up!

Wow, damn, that second Knight study is great.
thanks guys!
not much time for longer stuff at the moments - so more shorter studies to come

another animal study...
[Image: animal_challenge_4_hippo_by_wolkenfels-d5sd0hi.jpg]

Speed paints are looking great man, and your longer studies are soooo good. Keep it coming. /)

Liking the blue name btw, enjoy ;)

@Jake thanks man!

want to get better at faces so expect more studies this year...
[Image: that_girl_by_wolkenfels-d5skw7a.jpg]

Looks great man, love how you handled the skin. Could maybe do with some harder edges in the nose and ear, like you've got by the eyes. Maybe just something for next time though. Keep it coming dude :)

Woow love the last study you did. I can see like huuuge improvement in this one.
Nice face study Wolk

Thank you all.

@Jake - yeah true - the reference picture was badly choosen as the brigth picture was hard on the eyes after some time.
http://spivi.35photo.ru/photo_460780/ is the reference btw.

lazy sunday afternoon study... wonder if i ever will grasp how metal reflections work...

[Image: gauntlet_study_by_wolkenfels-d5swudz.jpg]

another knight study - and some brush experiment
[Image: wolfshelm_by_wolkenfels-d5t1yy5.jpg]

and the next cute animal
[Image: animal_challenge_5_lizard_by_wolkenfels-d5tyfqr.jpg]

Rock study
[Image: rock_by_wolkenfels-d5ugctk.jpg]

Here is a Photoshopscript i wrote that let you easily change back to the last used brush or open a popup with the last 5 brushes to choose from.
more details on the DA-page. brushHistory

nice improvements! in terms of this latest study, remember that if you're using texture you need to make sure it wraps around the form else it will look flat, lighting is looking good though :) keep it up!

1 hour movie still studies

[Image: lord_of_the_rings_movie_still_study_by_w...5utvfz.jpg]

[Image: kingdom_of_heavens_movie_study_by_wolken...5uxl2v.jpg]

[Image: alien_movie_study_by_wolkenfels-d5v27be.jpg]

[Image: v_for_vendetta_movie_still_by_wolkenfels-d5v8ufk.jpg]

[Image: avatar_movie_study_by_wolkenfels-d5v9emw.jpg]

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