Way of the Wolf
I am not so much for the goal but for the way...

Anyway - good to look back and forward and compare what you wanted and what you reached.

I put roughly 80 pictures on DA last year (and some more sketches and stuff i put only in my sketchbook here on CD).
I am quite happy with the number even if 95% of it are studies. But i paint as a hobby only and that will stay that way. Together with having a family and a demanding job it is not easy to find daily painting time.

So the goal for this year is doing 80 pictures again and at least 5 more non-studies than last year.
That may not sound much but i guess the pictures will have a higher quality - just by doing it and i totally like realistic goals.

I also expect to have at least one picture published.

I know you can do it! Whether it's a study or a personal piece It's still refreshing to see your artwork! Can't wait to see your new stuff. :)

just a short check on my goals..
i already did around 35 pictures this year - so 80 seems an easy goal to reach. - hope it stays this way. I also sketched nearly every work day on my way to work and back - i can really see the progress of my pencil sketches. I concentrate on faces in that sketching and hope i will finally get the hang to it.
I did only one original painting so far this year - but well - my goal is 5 more than last year and i seem on the right way.
And finally - one of my pictures will be published in a fantasy hobby magazine.
I am on my way...


i already did 42 paintings and the year is not half over - so 80 will be a piece of cake ;)
I also have now at least 3 original paintings and it gets easier and easier...
regarding my published pictures i have seen the layout of the printed magazine and it is in there and it is in color .. waiting to lay my hands on the hard copy...

very happy wolf here...

okay - i got even 2 pictures printed - goal reached with extras ;)
[Image: img_20130416_180643_by_wolkenfels-d61xl6p.jpg]
[Image: img_20130416_180652_by_wolkenfels-d61xkht.jpg]

Wow ! Congrats^^ And congratulations on reaching your goal, you were really working hard,and with that you were my inspiration to keep on being stuborn :D

Awww.. thanks Kris! Keep stubborn and painting as wonderful as you already do..

actual point is 77 pictures this year - only 3 to reach last years counter. I think i am okay with this year so far - i clearly have progressed. Now there is still the goal to make more own and less study work.
We will see.. :)
It really is good to know i have all the time i need.

Reached 100 paintings and thanks to the awesome spitpaint group no FB there is more than enough pictures from my mind instead of just studies.
All my goals are reached - but i wont slack now.

How goes the progression? Looks like its been a year from your initial deathline! Any new ideas, study methods, or things you learned? :]


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