Looking for people to talk to while working.

my name is Marius, I am 20 years old and I live in Germany. I am a pretty crappy artist and painting everyday, without anyone to talk to, or ask for critique etc. is pretty rough :D . So i look for other artists to have some company while working.


When I am not sleeping, I am online most of the time. Unfortunately I dont have a fixed sleeping rythm at the moment, since I am out of school for about 2 weeks now and waiting for finals. At the moment I am painting from afternoon to late night, but that might change.

You can see some of my older work here: Shitty Paintings

My native language is obviously german, but i also speak english (not perfect, but i thinks its ok)

Skype-Name: marius.laurischkat

Hey Itze, I can't really talk to you as you paint, but looking at your deviantArt gallery I think you could learn a lot from checking out some less serious styles of painting. Your works aren't shitty, or at least, they aren't any shittier than mine: Also Shitty Paintings

If you want I can recommend some artists on dA that I think might strengthen your visual library.

PS. I live in eastern Australia, which is +6 hours from your timezone, so I'm sleeping when you're gonna be painting :/

Plus, I hate Skype.
Thanks man :D, but what exactly do you mean by less serious style ?
I mean all the works in your gallery are of people. More than that they are people all depicted in very similar ways, looking at your favourites folder I can see exactly where your style is headed, or where you want to end up as a painter. Am I correct in saying you want realism and drama?

Because if I am correct, then you may want to take a detour, and try just considering different styles to achieve those things:


and then there's this superstar:

A good way to talk to people while working is to check the hangout : http://livestreamstatuslist.appspot.com/

There's always someone on there

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Thank you, strange old man!
You are quite right, realism is one of the things i want to achieve. Though the artists you posted are great, thats not the kind of style i want to be headed :D .
Alright, that's cool. I just thought you might learn faster by trying different stuff.

I had this drawing teacher a few months back, and when I got bored of the still life she'd set up she asked me to draw my own face 50 times. I didn't want to draw my face, mostly because I look like I've been attacked by an alligator. But the exercise forced me to do so much new stuff, just to stay entertained. I learned a lot.

But I don't want to push you, it's your life, your art. I'll butt out now.

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