Piss and Vinegar
Came here for piss and vinegar...

Found a guy with my name tearing shit up instead.

God damn amazing stuff man. Amazing.

Thanks Corey!

So. I'm trying to push back into the digital side of things. I have a big huge unfinished illustration/concept art portfolio to finish off. I'm trying not to be overwhelmed by how far I still have to go, so I'm just taking it day by day. Anyways, I hope you're doing well reader.

Took a look at your sketchbook because I got really curious by the name piss and vinegar... I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Not only because I didn't se any piss but also because you have a sick sketch book! Studies look great and those portraits with a lot of red are awesome!
Keep it up!

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Extremely nice work CKL!

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Urgh....when will this summer class end...smallish update.

Really expressionist! Are the last ones, prints?

*clap*clap*clap* very stylish man. i love them prints and that lady in piss yello :D

You're work is so refreshing man! Can't wait to see more , especially the traditional stuff! Keep doing what you do :)

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Oh man, those prints are great. Looking forward to seeing more dude. The digital work's looking great btw, I love the colour shifts you manage to get into them. Really cool.

Its really nice to see different approach to art for once on this forum. Really nice prints, hope you will upload more.

Current favorite daggers sketchbook. Keep it up, champ!
very cool engravings! looks very modern and original style, i know i also did engravings but i dind do that good one. Anyway good luck with future stuff!

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Rognoll- yeah, the prints are made with drypoint and etching on copper plate

anzhou-thanks ;)

matt-thanks for the encouraging words!

jake- <3

toxicpanda-thanks, i know i don't quite fit the description of the average poster, so i appreciate that you like something a little different :)

jgz- !Thanks!

lex-thanks, i'll be moving from etching to lithography pretty soon, hopefully it turns out some interesting work.

just a small update, more work going on behind the scenes.

Really great stuff here. Keep it up man!

So, then two years went by...haha. I thought I would post up some of the work that I created when I left off at this juncture.

I'm currently in an MFA program for Painting at a large research university. The body of work that I'm posting up was created in a Post-Bacc program, which helped me get a full-ride at my current location. While I don't participate in illustrative or CA oriented forums anymore, I thought I would make a return here to share a bit and give back where I can. This collective really helped give me a solid push when I needed it the most.

Again, this is an older body of work, which has been sold off or shelved. (Most of this is large scale oil on canvas or graphite on paper) I have two solo shows coming up over the course of the next year, which means I have a lot of canvas to shred. I'll try my damnedest to post up progress shots from the studio to share with you all.

If you want to see the rest, coreylamb.com .

Wow, I've just had a bit of a peek at your sketchbook, your traditional work is really great! As others have said, your stuff has a very impressionist feeling to it. I like that a lot. Only thing I would say is that the lack of vinegar in this thread is disappointing. The title misled me! Anyway, I'd love to see you post more.

Hey, Star! Thanks. I promise more vinegar in the future.

One of the great things about being in an academic program is that it gives you enough room to try things out before you commit. Sooo....the last year has been really a time for experimentation but not necessarily finishing. These are some of the things I've dished out since the previous work.


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