Paradigm-Kickstarter FUNDED!
Update 1: Sloth Character design and Room entrance background added.

Firstly <3 so much love for Crimson daggers, so excited. Hopefully its ok that I'm using this IP for the activity that I've already started working on as of late.

Basic Overview

Paradigm is a point and click adventure game which is set in a terrible strange fantasy world in the not so distant future. Its main style influences are eastern european settings and the 80's. You play as Paradigm, a botched, mutated prodigy test tube baby.

The project came about wanting to make the art/games that I wanted to see/play. I'll be making the game through a point and click adventure engine called Visionaire which allows me to avoid a lot of programming.

What I plan to do:
Teaser trailer (real basic showing animated backgrounds with the games music)
Regular trailer (shows more actual gameplay and is more creative)
Make a playable first act which is 1/3 of the game

Marketing image
Fake commercial motion graphic for a company in game

Here is a dump of everything I've done so far


[Image: qUkBgQnh.jpg]
[Image: YjqzpXmh.jpg]
[Image: KId0gydh.jpg]
[Image: sv6w4L8h.jpg]
[Image: E1WbGqZh.jpg]
[Image: 5m09nN8h.jpg]
[Image: fWeWoNY.jpg]
[Image: DVMdaBk.jpg]
[Image: k9YVDN2.jpg]

Dialogue screenshots (This is how you speak to characters)

[Image: qi4f7cT.jpg]

Character concept art

[Image: h0ZwzUg.jpg]
[Image: pB9ZA8B.jpg]
[Image: DzX3FmN.jpg]
[Image: TrcQHpB.jpg]
[Image: JEJfhDZ.gif]
[Image: gM3Xb41.jpg]

Thanks for looking <3

AWESOME so crazy looking, I love the animation cycles. Great job! I have to say the horse hand dude on bottom is my favorite.

Livestream Crits/Paintovers:
Loomis Study videos:

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haha, this is great. 'head start' doesnt even begin to describe the amount of good work you already have for this haha. but this isnt a standard contest, so keep goin! itll be cool to see how much more you can do in the next 100 days!
Awesome job ! I'm soo looking forward to see a playable demo :p

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This brings me back in the best way. Thanks for posting these man! Looking forward to more!

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This is good. Actually, this is great! I'd play this game.

Wow man this is really interesting, the world feels exciting and mysterious somehow, very well done!
The animations youve done got me thinking about a old super weird game that few probably ever heard about called Vangers: One for the road, it looked nothing like this, but that guy with the animated mouth instantly reminded me of the talking larvae man in Vangers!

Looking forward to see more of this :-D

Your project inspired me to check out Visionaire and think about doing a point n click for fun as well...great work're definitely hitting the right notes already. Gonna be fun watching this one. :)

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Dan Warren- Thanks man!
Heavenwill- Cheers!
matt_radway- haha I'm glad the nostalgia comes across
Rognoll- Aww shucks thanks!
Simonarpalmer- Thanks for the link man, love coming across games I've never seen
monkeybread- Do it do it! more adventure games the better aha

Time for an update! I've been spending a lot of time writing dialogue and organising some marketing ideas recently but here is some new art.

This is the primary antagonist in the game

[Image: JEJfhDZ.gif]

Here is a way to break down your character which was shared by Tim Schaefer (Monkey Island, Grim Fandango) Its a great way to see how you actually don't know who your character is at all.

Link is here if anyone is interested in reading more about it, I'd definitely recommend it.

Name: Spencer Bar
Age: 35
Gender: Male Sloth
Nationality/Ethnicity: American
Parents: Genetically engineered Sloth
Siblings: Other failed diseased failed prototypes
Significant Others: His dead master, the owner and creator of (Prodigy Children- a company which sells prodigy children to rich couples)
Location: Non descript Eastern European country, formally known as krusznovoodka
Religion: Atheist although he fakes worship of a religion based on a WWF wresting diety
Class: Upper
Marital Status: Single
Education: Home schooled by his master, a brilliant scientist with terrible tastes in entertainment.
Fat/Skinny: Chubby
Tall/Short: 1.2m
Strong/Weak: The combined strength of a 10 year old girl and a pug
Hair Color/Style: Styled 70’s wig, taken from his dead master.
Style of Dress: Naked other than his fur and wig.
Attractive/Repulsive: Cute creepy sloth
Unusual characteristics / markings / disabilities: on his back his furs pattern spells out, I’m a sloth, feel my roth, which was genetically placed there by his master to remind him he is the master of comedy.
Speech ( accent / pitch / dialog tags ): Snobby American
Temperament (cheerful / grumpy): Menacing
Social Skills: none to speak of, he only answered to his master and hated everyone else.
Ambitions / Desires: To fulfill his masters dream of creating a monopoly on the worlds entertainment with his vision of what was good.
Fears / Hates: Fears pity and sympathy.
Hobbies / Obsessions: re-watching all his masters terrible demo’s over and over again, styling his wig and re-reading “bar bar genetically engineered sentiment being.”
Special Talents: He is a living vending machine, every hour he vomits out candy bars, wrappers and all.
Self Image: See’s himself as a legitimate son to his master, often avoids the reality he is a sloth and often punishes servants who bring it up
Emotional Baggage: His master died of cancer from poor safety conditions in the factory. He thinks himself as his son, when in reality he was only around as a living vending machine.
Secrets: Has a secret collection of national geographic and animal planet videos about sloths.
Smoke / Drink: Doesn’t drink or smoke, but takes anti depressants.
Self-destructive / defeating: he is at one point
Mannerisms: “mmmMMMMMM” tries to project a menacing character, however looks more hilarious than anything because of his appearance. Coughs up candy bars mid conversation.
Intelligence: Very intelligent
Strong / Weak: Weak insecure
Leader / Follower: Leader, but a terrible one.
Mean / Kind: Mean, however some kindness does eventually arise
Right / Left brained: logical
Brave / Fearful: fearful
Graceful / Clumsy: Hovers
Seeks attention / isolation: Isolation
Funny / serious: Super serious
Mellow / energetic: Calm but insecure
Humble / arrogant: arrogant
Obedient / Rebellious: Highly obedient
Favorite music: Clean and happy acoustic songs, think playschool and corny campfire songs.
Occupation: New CEO of the Prodigy Child company.
Favourite books: “bar bar genetically engineered sentiment being.”
Favourite tv shows: Gilligans Island, Happy days, Ryan Hopes acoustic hour, featuring happyness and the masters home made tv shows
Favourite movies: Masters home made movies.
How does he or she change throughout the story? The characters initially is a very menacing insecure ‘evil’ character. However the player will eventually sympathise with him as he begins to show his true insecure side with ‘daddy issues’
Do they ever face an extremely difficult choice? To create a monoply on the worlds entertainment, fulfilling his masters dream.
What are their active and passive goals? To fulfill his masters dreams, and one step to do this is to find out why Paradigm (The games protagonist who is a genetically engineered prodigy child) does not become ‘faulty’ like all the other prodigy children.

And Here is a new Background. This is the entrance into Paradigms ‘room’ which is apart of an abandoned power station (Pleb Power Cooperation).
[Image: k9YVDN2.jpg]

Love that chair!

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that sloth... you are the greatest!!

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Oh you're the guy who also did (started) the black metal adventure game!

Wow everything you did so far looks amazing... and kinda creepy but in a funny way!
Can't wait to see more!

Also don't think I didn't see that tentacle graffiti!
Zipfelzeus: Haha yes I did, cool that you saw that. One day I would like to revive that idea. Thanks for your praise!

matt_radway: haha thanks!

monkeybread: Cheers!

2 new backgrounds, and a character. Going to be working on this full time this week. hope to get a playable first scene.

[Image: DVMdaBk.jpg]
[Image: gM3Xb41.jpg]

Hahaha, this looks great :) I want to play already. Brings me back!
IronOdin: Heh, cool man, I glad it does. is now live!

Also I animated/refined this

[Image: BHvGSHC.gif]

Also Cursor animation

[Image: 2avgcQT.gif]

Here is a 'business' card I made for Paradigm, which I recently used at a local indie showcase. Also a GIF of a sneak preview of some Pre-Alpha Gameplay.

[Image: xRfgkt5.jpg]
[Image: VFzow5w.gif]

Here is the Close up of John 3000.

I’ve also updated the ABOUT section a little on the Paradigm website to reveal a little bit more about Paradigms background. CLICK HERE if you wanna check it out.

[Image: tumblr_muprndjLAA1s2vrp7o1_1280.gif]

Another low res sneak peak at Paradigm. All those fake record covers I made are apart of an in-game puzzle.

[Image: JIkxJwy.gif]

[Image: tumblr_mvhlkamy6q1s2vrp7o1_1280.jpg]

Here is a Re-designed background for Paradigm. The original was terrible when using in game so I just re-painted it.

[Image: tumblr_mvtzkfeCjC1s2vrp7o1_r1_1280.jpg]

The original was pretty terrible, so I re-painted the close up dialogue cinematic for the 'space cadet' here

[Image: JUF9sqn.gif]


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