I'm sweating and it's 3:22 am, but I just wanted to say hello.
"Hi, Crimson Daggers, my name is st. alpentine."

"Hi, st. alpentine."

So yes, that was my extremely special and wonderful introduction. I don't want to tell too much, because that would require a lot of thinking and I need some sleep, so I'll just cut down to the basics.

1.) I've always loved art. Even as a little kid. I think that's usually a standard story for most people here!

2.) I originally was enrolled in an art program at my old university...but I allowed myself to be distracted by outside things and it caused me to fail a lot of my classes and lose confidence in my own work.

3.) Because of that, I couldn't draw for a year and I felt...well, lost.

4.) I enrolled myself into a smaller, more local community college as a Communications major. It's something I like, sure, but I still want to create, but I also know that funds are very tight and my family is far from rich. Art School has become a luxury and I feel like I need to improve.

5.) So, I came here.
Welcome to the daggers St. Alpentine!

Firstly, the title of your thread came off as very kinky at first glance hahaha

Secondly, wow that's quite the background story. Personally, I say screw you to many art schools nowadays - ridiculously expensive and some of the art 'teachers' aren't even as qualified as they should be. There are a multitude of reasons as to why students shouldn't attend these institutions to further their art skills, but lol this is an intro thread and what am I doing...?

Anyways, I'm very glad to hear you've come here to work on improving your art!

I look forward to checking out your work in the future!
Enjoy your stay!

Hi st.alpentine

I'd say-you should be sleeping,but there is no artist who is sleeping at that hour. Usually livestreams are full, hangouts are full of hardworking/slackers people, and skype group-used-to be full of random talk.
Welcome to the place where you don't need expensive art school and classes. We have our own ones, create,work together and hangout on livestreams and learn from each other. Thats how I started-right here.
I'm sure that you'll meet tons of good people, people who share same background as you and you'll find inspiration and motivation to keep working.

And remember-always have fun with it :)

Welcome to Crimson Daggers.


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