Othrandir's sketchbook
Wow, really beautiful work! Love the guy with the lion, and the studies are really beautiful--it feels like every stroke is significant. You capture emotion really well, too.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


Tygerson - Thank you!! I've always thought emotion was my weakest link, so it means a lot to me when you say that!!

Heyyyyyy! Haven't uploaded in a while. Been crazy busy with moving out and in. Enrolling in a university and actually starting my studies. Now that everything has calmed down expect.a.STORM.OF.DRAWINGS!!! Right, no more talking. Let's get on with it.

First, I'm gonna throw some 1 hour life studies at ya!

[Image: 1238292_641098962587298_1607399092_n.jpg]

[Image: 1239520_641805672516627_1622807470_n.jpg]

[Image: 1236339_660513947312466_1625383410_n.jpg]

a dress study I did for a new painting

[Image: 523502_660710893959438_912546545_n.jpg]

fun image I did before leaving for England

[Image: 1376538_660510757312785_1585021061_n.jpg]

started school.had a week project. Did this in 10 hours.

[Image: School%2520ProjectCoverIllustration.jpg]

I'm douche so I thought I'd make myself feel good by putting it in a PS3 template :D

[Image: School%2520ProjectCover.jpg]
Awesome stuff. The studies, and those last two paintings look great. Really like the dragon she's breathing out. Where are you at uni? :)

JakeB - Thanks man!! I'm in Norwich, England :)

time for pencil sketches :P

[Image: Scan%25201.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252010.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252011.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252012.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252013.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252014.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252015.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252016.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252017.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%252019.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%25202.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%25204.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%25205.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%25206.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%25207.jpeg]

[Image: Scan%25209.jpeg]

[Image: Scan.jpeg]
2 screencap studies + 1 study sheet + 2 sketches = a good good night :)

[Image: 34.jpg]

[Image: 36.jpg]

[Image: 35.jpg]

[Image: 115.jpg]

[Image: 116_small.jpg]
first impressions of your sketchbook:
Fuuuuuuuuuarrrkr=ryugreusgr! O______O

Man you have a very interesting style - makes you want to look at images for a good long while, which I find is hard to do nowadays with the barrage of wonderful artworks here on the internet.

Great update, looking forward to seeing more from you ^ ^!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
smrrfette - heh, thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked my stuffs :D

livestream and hangout sketches and studies

[Image: 07.jpg]

[Image: 117.jpg]

[Image: 118.jpg]

[Image: 119.jpg]

[Image: 120.jpg]

[Image: 206.jpg]
your practise is coming allong nicely. Your linework is getting really good aswell also great hand studies ;P

I do has to bitch about some of your studies. It seems like you do everything right( color, porportion) but just dont focus on were the light is actually coming from. let the contrast shape the form not brush direction
Yarrnick - Yeaaah, buddy, you're right. I really need to start thinking more when I'm doing the screencaps. Tnx for stopping by! :)

figure studieeeeees

[Image: 08.jpg]

" Alien Sunday " - a quick character sketch that turned into a 15 hour painting

[Image: alien%2520sunday.jpg]

First attempts at silhouettes... failure... SUPER FUN THOUGH!!!!

[Image: 01.jpg]
school stuff :P

[Image: Silhouettes.jpg]

[Image: ValueStudies.JPG]

[Image: ColorVariations.JPG]

oh and I'm an egocentrical bastard and I made a video of myself painting <3

made one more video!

some more screencaps

[Image: 37.jpg]

[Image: 39.jpg]

[Image: 38.jpg]

[Image: 40.jpg]

[Image: 41.jpg]

[Image: 42.jpg]

[Image: 43.jpg]

[Image: 44.jpg]

sketchy sketch

[Image: 121.jpg]

and a video

Wow, the amount of studies and paintings your putting out is very inspiring! I loved the one of the lady breathing the dragon soul too! Keep up the awesome work man!

nice going babe, It looks like your more focusing on the light. also the "lady mounting the last dragon" scene has very realistic colours, gj.
Mayenia - Thank you! Yeah, I'm intending to seriously rework that one. It's kind of way too sketchy for my taste :P

Yarrnick - Thanks! HODOR

Two more videos!!



3 SelfPortraits, some sketches and some poses :))

[Image: 01.jpg]

[Image: 02.jpg]

[Image: 03.jpg]

[Image: 123.jpg]

[Image: 121.jpg]

[Image: 122.jpg]

[Image: 09.jpg]
anatomy stuffs

[Image: 02.JPG]

[Image: 03.JPG]

[Image: 04.JPG]

[Image: 06.JPG]

[Image: 07.JPG]


[Image: 01.JPG]

[Image: 05.JPG]

and one more selfie

[Image: 04.jpg]

oh yeah, and these -

[Image: 01.jpg]

[Image: 03.JPG]
What? Is that?...No...It can't be! But it IS! Two more painting videos by Othrandir!!


Your silhouettes and anatomy are great! Only one thing tho, maybe you shoudn't use airbrush so much on some of the screencaps(the earlier ones mostly)? Otherwise you have so much inspirational stuff, keep it coming!
RyeBread - What do you mean by the airbrush? Sorry, I never understood what that was. I'm such an idiot... :D

portraits, poses and a sketch with steppppppppps

[Image: 05.jpg]

[Image: 06.jpg]

[Image: 07.jpg]

[Image: 08.jpg]

[Image: 10.jpg]

[Image: 124.jpg]


[Image: idunno3.jpg]

[Image: idunno2.jpg]
first some poses from imagination ( the hands and the page with girls are referenced )

[Image: 01.JPG]

[Image: 02.JPG]

[Image: 03.JPG]

[Image: 04.JPG]

[Image: 05.JPG]

[Image: 06.JPG]

and some self-portraits from the last few days :)

[Image: 09.jpg]

[Image: 10.jpg]

[Image: 11.jpg]

[Image: 12.jpg]

[Image: 13.jpg]

[Image: 14.jpg]

[Image: 15.jpg]

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